Human Mapping Leads To Emotional Discoveries

As people have emotions, whether they are smiles, cries, outbursts, or others, their bodies release chemicals that the body stores internally. But on Monday, Finnish researchers described human mapping of emotions that allow researchers to actually see the bodies reaction to emotions.

The Finnish study actually asked people to describe where they felt the various emotions asked during the study. The researchers then were able to map that area of their body, and see the color reactions representing heat, calm, coolness, and others for the very first time.

Emotional Reactions In The Body Mapped In Latest Finnish Study

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Love And Anger: Opposite Reactions

When people had happiness and love, these two emotions are felt all over the human body according to the research. When people were asked to express their feelings of love, the effect was felt all over their bodies, and researchers were able to see that in the colors of their body.

The opposite was true though for depression and anger, as some would expect. Danger and fear led to emotions being felt in the heart and arms, and especially the chest. Those who were asked to experience hate and anger also felt the emotions in their arms, which could be a sign of increased stress and possible heart attacks.

Emotions Understood

According to the research, the emotional system in the body actually sends signals throughout the body, and that the body deals with these emotions. The body reacts to happiness, fear, distractions, anger, and fear in many different ways, and the different organs and functions in the body do as well.

The 700 or so volunteers in the study were tested, and they felt all kinds of emotions from pride, anger, disgust, and love. Different people felt different things with the pictures, videos, and other items to trigger these emotions. Neuroscientists also found that people were sometimes able to alter their minds, and thus cause emotions to be felt in other areas of their body.

The study shows that emotions are felt in different areas of the body, and that the mind truly controls emotions in the body. One person can react one way to a situation, while another reacts a different way, and that happens in different bodies as well. All this shows is that emotions do control the body, and the body controls the emotions.

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