I’m Pregnant! The First 10 Changes

The thing about pregnancy is that once the excitement of the occasion has died down, and the shocked looks and happy faces drift away, the reality of the situation hits home – you are pregnant and you are going to need to make some changes.

The changes you make now are going to be affected by the changes that you have already made. If you did the healthier stuff during the time that you were trying to conceive, you will have fewer problems in the road ahead. For example, if you have already quit smoking, cut down on the drinking, started eating healthier, making sure that you take your vitamins, etc, you won’t have to worry about those things now that you are pregnancy. However, what if the pregnancy was a surprise?

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Stop Drinking and Smoking

1. You need to cut out the bad stuff. This means you should stop drinking and stop smoking. At the very least start to cut down – the sooner, the better. If you smoke and drink heavily during your pregnancy, you are going to put yourself in the higher risk bracket of having problems and complications, and also for deformities in your baby. This is not something you will want to go through.

Take Advise from Doctor about Medications

2. If you are taking any medications, you should tell your doctor about them. You should also tell your doctor about any vitamins or minerals that you are taking. You may need to make changes here – certain medications are not suitable to take during pregnancy, and having too much of certain vitamins can have a negative impact on your health.

Avoid Too Much Folic Acid

3. Are you getting enough folic acid? This can prevent the chances of you having a miscarriage and can also prevent certain deformities – mainly regarding the spine or brain.

Be Aware About Your Working Environment

4. You’re going to need to check a few things at work – are you working in an environment that could potentially be hazardous to the health of both you and your unborn child? There are certain fish you are going to need to avoid, and allergy-prone foods that you should probably steer clear of. These are things that you are going to want to discuss with your doctor or midwife.

Change Your Eating Habit

5. Your eating habits are going to have to change – there are a lot of foods that you are not allowed to eat, and as we have already mentioned, there are foods that could even prove to be dangerous for you both. At the same time, you need to appreciate that you are going to need to eat a lot more of the healthy, good stuff in order to ensure your baby is fit and well.

your Dress Should Be More Comfortable

6. Your body is going to change and it is going to change fast. Your breasts are going to get bigger and your body shape is going to look all out of whack. You need to appreciate that you are going to need to not only dress for this, but also to adapt certain lifestyle choices to make them more comfortable.

Heels, for example, are not advisable during pregnancy, especially the later stages, and tighter clothing is going to feel rather uncomfortable, again more so at the later stages of your pregnancy. Start thinking about going shopping ladies – your body will thank you for the comfortable clothes that you are going to want to look at buying.

Feeling Different What You Cannot Even Think

7. Very soon you are going to feel as if you cannot even think, look or smell food without wanting to barf. Nausea is going to happen ladies, and it is going to happen thick and fast. It will come out of nowhere at times that you couldn’t imagine were more inappropriate.

It’s not going to happen when you are at home near your bathroom; it’s going to hit while you are out and about and shopping with your friends, or in a nice restaurant with your partner. Get used to it – for some women, it stays for the duration of the pregnancy.

Be Prepared About Unexperienced Thing

8. You are going to need to pee about a thousand times more than you do right now, and you are going to want to consider bladder pads if things get bad. Don’t laugh at this yet – you haven’t experienced it yet!

Take Advise About Your Much Weight

9. Research how much weight you should out on during pregnancy, or have the conversation with your local doctor or midwife. By doing this, you can keep track of how much weight you are putting on, and maybe look at your eating habits if the figure is going up faster than it should be.

Be Prepared for A Whole Lot of Crying

10. Finally, be prepared for a whole lot of crying. You are going to have the worst mood swings that you will ever have experienced in your life. If you already suffer with mood swings with your current menstrual cycle, they are going to get considerably worse. You might want to start warning people…

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