Increased Sleep Helps With Brain Health

Getting sleep is one of the most treasured experiences for people of all ages. Research by Swedish scientists on Thursday though have research pointing to those who get more sleep generally have better brain health. This news will be great for those who love their sleep.



The research released on Thursday pointed to the 15 volunteers that were picked to be part of the sleep and brain functionality study. The researchers had them experience sleep and then take it away, and found that the brain actually functions much differently with sleep added.

Sleep & Brain Study Findings

In the Swedish study, the fifteen volunteers at the Uppsala University were deprived sleep for a night. Another group was allowed to sleep for eight hours, the recommended amount of sleep for adults around the world. Those who got the sleep actually had better brain activity and chemicals triggering in the brain.

Without sleep, the volunteers brain showed an increase of signature molecules which caused the volunteers to have lessened rest and activities the following day. Those who got the sleep actually performed better and the research showed to be critical for maintaining proper brain health in the body.

Proteins In The Brain

Additionally, in the study that was published in the specialist journal Sleep, showed that sleep helped with increasing the cleansing of cellular waste from the brain, which allows the brain to properly function properly the next day. By clearing out the cellular waste in the mind, the brain can properly recharge for the following day.

Links to the brain, sleep, and Alzheimer’s were also discussed in the study. The detrius in the brain has a protein that when accumulated, has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, and by cleansing the cellular waste can lessen the risks of getting the disease. By getting more sleep during the night, the brain can rid itself of this protein and then clear itself out, and thus not accumulate.

The latest research surrounding proteins that add up in the brain and can possibly cause Alzheimer’s disease has been in the news of late. This among a number of other research studies shows that brain activity and the proteins in the mind are very important as we get older, and sleep might be the best cure for survival.

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