Living Easy With Arthritis

If you live with arthritis, even the smallest task can be painful and tough on your joints. With a few tweaks here and there, though, your day-to-day life can be much more manageable.


So here are a few tips that I thought might help save you some trouble and unnecessary pain.

Driving Tips For Arthritis Sufferers

Arthritis doesn’t have to throw a monkey wrench in your driving, especially if you want to remain Mr. or Ms. Independent. If you travel frequently by car or want to take a long road trip, stop frequently to get out and stretch in order to prevent stiffness and soreness. Consider having lever aids installed on the car door and on ignition keys, to make them easier to turn and adding grab handles on the ridge of the roof inside the car to make entry and exit easier.

Keep medicines in the glove compartment, not the trunk, to avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, and carry snacks and a beverage so you can take the medicines on schedule. In cold weather, have someone warm up the car before you get into it.

Arthritis in the Kitchen

If your fingers and wrists are stiff, it is tempting to do kitchen tasks with your upper arms, shoulders and upper back. However, this can cause neck and shoulder aches. Instead, look at kitchen chores as a way to exercise those joints and improve their mobility. Just find ways to do the chores that do not strain painful areas too much. For example, use an extra-heavy, high-quality, sharp knife for chopping and cutting. Its weight can make it easier to cut without using a painful amount of wrist pressure.

Eat Away Arthritis

Cayenne, ginger and turmeric can reduce your arthritis pain to a noticeable minimum. All of these spices are edible and are great to add more flavor to your cooking, but cayenne may also be applied topically as a paste directly to your joints. There are cayenne creams like Capsaicin or Zostrix that you can purchase from your local drugstore, which serve this purpose. Celery seed lowers uric acid levels, keeping gout symptoms under control, and helps reduce the pain and swelling associated with arthritis, too.

In addition to these spices, vamping up on foods like salmon, Pacific oysters, pumpkin, onions, wheat germ and fortified skim milk will keep your arthritic symptoms under control. Seafood contains selenium and omega-3 oils that coat and soothe your joints and prevent cartilage damage. These other foods prevent further cartilaginous damage and destroy free radicals. Vitamin C also significantly keeps arthritis from progressing.

Tylenol: The #1 Drug for Arthritis Pain Relief

When those pains do pop up, you may find that reaching for Tylenol does you the most good. The osteoarthritis drug of choice is acetaminophen, found in Tylenol. It has surpassed aspirin in popularity as an arthritis treatment, because doctors say it is less likely to cause serious side effects.

Osteoarthritis treatment guidelines recommend first treating the disease with acetaminophen – then talking with your doctor about stronger drugs if the acetaminophen does not provide adequate pain relief. It’s also helpful to regularly exercise to strengthen muscles and sustain a proper diet to maintain weight at a level that does not place extra stress on joints. 

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