Lung Cancer Numbers Drop Finally Due To Better Health

Lung cancer is one of the highest numbers of death around, and the number of cases of lung cancer has always traditionally gone up. Smoking never ends, people get worse, and it is the cycle of life. But, news on Thursday actually points to possible good news about lung cancer for once.

The research as done by the Centers For Disease Control, or the CDC, took a look at lung cancer cases from 2005 to 2009, and found that due to increased health consciousness among Americans, the numbers of lung cancer cases actually went down among new cases reported.

Reported New Cases Of Lung Cancer Drop Finally

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Awesome News For Lung Cancer

What this study showed is that incidences of lung cancer in men actually dropped 3 percent per year in men, and 1.1 percent in women. The largest drop in newly reported lung cancer cases actually came from the whole 35 to 44 age bracket, where it fell 6.5 percent for men, and 5.8 percent for women.

I think this news is great, and it shows that people are finally getting the idea that smoking causes lung cancer. It probably has to do more with the rises of electronic cigarettes as well, as people who smoke those don’t inhale the toxins that go along with traditional cigarette smoking. This great news for lung cancer doctors too.

Why Did It Drop?

In the study findings, the drop in new lung cancer cases is due to the rise of public health, the rise of medications that help people quit smoking, counseling provided to smokers to help them quit, and the rise of smoke-free places in public spots. Without a place to smoke, a smoker has nowhere to go.

I enjoy this type of news as it shows that the public is finally starting to listen to the research. I have relatives who have suffered from lung cancer, and it is a truly horrible way to go and die. I smoked in the past, but found the hacking and coughing unbearable, and finally quit cold turkey. But, with medications and counseling available, it would have been a lot easier to quit than when I did it. Kudos to smokers for quitting, and hopefully we can end lung cancer soon.

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