Migraine Relief Health Tips

Anyone who has ever had a migraine before knows they are no joking matter. A typical migraine involves some of the worst headache pain you have ever experienced coupled with stomach churning nausea. When in the throes of a bad migraine, there isn’t much an individual wouldn’t do to ease the pain.

Unfortunately, most medically supported migraine relief tips just boil down to symptom management. Nonetheless, depending on the individual and the specific migraine, these methods can be tremendous tools in easing the pain experienced by a migraine sufferer.



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Another, perhaps more effective, method of migraine relief is avoidance. While it may sound absurd at first, it is commonly believed that migraines can be effectively avoided at least part of the time either through pharmacological methods or behavioral alterations.

Migraine Relief Tips; Avoidance

Migraines are usually chronic. As such, most physicians recommend keeping some sort of “migraine journal”. The purpose of this journal is to chronicle and record what you did in the twenty four hours before your migraine occurred, hopefully being able to detect some future pattern. The reasoning for this is that many migraine sufferers can trace their episodes to specific triggers when analyzed properly.

Once these triggers are identified, they should be avoided at all costs. These triggers can be anything from something you eat to a state of mind. Stress, exhaustion, or perhaps a certain type of food coloring could all be the culprits you are seeking. Even if you are experiencing a migraine right now, it is never too late to start an episode diary.

If, like many migraine patients, you cannot trace your episodes back to specific triggers, then you should perhaps look into preventative medication. This medication is deemed effective if it cuts the frequency of your episodes in half, but it also comes with some unpleasant side effects. Ultimately, you must weigh the costs and benefits of such medication properly before you make a decision. Your primary care physician will be your greatest ally in this matter.

h2>Migraine Relief Tips; Management

If you are already experiencing migraine symptoms, then all you can hope to do is relieve the pain and accelerate the recovery process. Unfortunately, every patient and episode is wildly different. As such, chances are you may have to try a few methods or solutions before you find one that works for you.

Many individuals have reported that avoiding light and sound and attempting to relax to the best of their ability is the easiest way to get through an episode. Others, meanwhile, claim that mild exercise helps not only get their mind off the pain but also overcome the actual migraine.

Chances are you will, over the course of several episodes, devise your own array of effective coping techniques. If nothing else seems to help, painkillers such as NSAIDs and Acetaminophen can help ease the pain caused by the migraine. Caffeine, when combined with painkillers, has been shown to be surprisingly effective in treating migraines. It is for this reason that caffeine is now often included at high doses in over the counter medications labeled to treat migraines.

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