Minor Habits of Healthy People

Have you ever wondered what separates a healthy individual from a person that is chronically ill or perpetually falling in and out of diets?


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Believe it or not, but the same attitudes that help you with weight loss also help you live a healthier and fuller life. It is no coincidence, and the differences can often times be traced back to just a few simple habits or attitudes that would likely be considered quite minor. Discussed below are some of the “minor” habits of healthy people.

Be Proactive

An individual who tends to get things done is likely to be skinnier, happier, and healthier than an individual who procrastinates or otherwise looks for ways to avoid responsibility. Getting things done puts you on the move. It can often times translate hours spent on the couch to half a day in perpetual motion. You will burn hundreds of more calories, and keep your muscles from stagnating.

It also translates into a tangible improvement in your self esteem. One of the easiest ways to build confidence in yourself is by accomplishing tasks, no matter how minor they may be. A full day of errands still results in a feeling of “I did a lot today”, which adds to your self worth. As if this wasn’t enough, fulfilling your responsibilities instead of procrastinating will save you tons of stress down the road, which is proven to compromise the immune system leading to illness and weight gain.

Be Skeptical

Almost everyone has that one friend or acquaintance that seems to float from one diet trend or exercise apparatus to another, never showing any real signs of progress. These people actually fuel a multi-billion dollar market based almost entirely off gimmicks.

People who are serious about losing weight or living a healthy lifestyle take the extra step and learn the science behind what it is they are planning on doing rather than entrusting their health to a “miracle” machine that will give you a six pack through “gravity” or “the earth’s polarization”.

Instead of having a short list of six foods to eat for better health, learn how to read nutritional information. Learn what the ingredients mean, and don’t be tricked by marketing gimmicks such as “fat free” and “low fat”. Take your own health into your own hands, and you will find that you are not only more equipped to make good decisions, but you are also more confident in your choices.

Be Decisive, but not Impulsive

One of the easiest ways to break a diet is by eating the first thing that comes to mind when you’re hungry. Driving down the road and find a fast food drive through that looks incredibly convenient? Your diet is now set back by five hundred calories.

Be decisive, but do not be impulsive. Prepare your food in advance, or think long and hard about the best dietary move to make. Feeling lazy and don’t want to go on a run today? Find a solution! Move the treadmill to your TV room. These are all habits of healthy people.

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