Monitoring Health And Stop Storing By Sleeping In New Bed

Getting a good nights sleep is something that almost everyone dreams about, but for those who snore or have health problems, it proves problematic for them. In a new bed released at the Consumer Electronics Show on Tuesday, it might be as simple as a new bed.



The new Sleep Number x12 bed announced on Tuesday at the CES show in Las Vegas, is geared towards those who are looking to ease their body and mind. The bed tracks breathing and heart rates, along with snoring, sleep patterns, and even movement all with a bed.

How The Bed Works

The Sleep Number x12 simply works by the person simply sleeping on the bed, and doesn’t require any contraptions or gimmicks. The technology that is built into the $7,999 bed tracks the data and allows users to view it on their computers, cellphones, tablets, or other digital devices.

The bed offers a number of different health related options for its users. It provides massages, under the bed lighting, timers for sleeping, and has a built in journal via the software that allows users to track their daily intake of beverages and food. The bed is revolutionary in it being a bed and software-based health bed and is sure to capture interest from people.

Why A Bed?

While this seems to be a wild idea, Sleep Number beds have long been able to track firmness desires of people desiring a better nights sleep. The beds which range from $999 to $10,000 have a number of controls that allow multiple people to select firmnesses for their own needs, and help give its users a greater range of sleep.

The SleepIQ technology within the bed is very intelligent and ingenious at the same time, and while priced highly, is certain to capture the interest of those looking for the best technology and advanced bed in the market. The bed has been two years in the making, as Sleep Comfort has teamed up with BAM Labs in making the SleepIQ technology, and allows data to be sent to mobile devices for tracking. Getting a better nights sleep could be as simple as a bed, but whether a $7,999 bed is the cure for health and snoring patients is another matter.

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