More Unconventional Uses for Coffee

After some research, it turns out that coffee is useful for far more than waking you up in the morning. In fact, a bag of used grounds can replace several common household products.



Coffee is an integral part of many a morning routine. Yet it is as useful for eliminating odors as it is for keeping you awake. In fact, the unique properties of coffee give it so many surprising uses that it may be more cost effective to keep a bag of it in the house than odor eliminator, hair dye, skin lotion and a dozen other common items. Discussed below are some of the more peculiar uses for coffee.

Exfoliate Your Skin

The texture and chemical composition of coffee make it an excellent exfoliating device. The caffeine, which also helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, can tighten and smooth your epidermis. The texture of coffee grounds can actually shave off dead skin cells, bringing new and fresh ones to the surface. Simply combine olive oil with crushed grounds and rub the substance on your skin.

Get Rid of Ants

For some reason, sprinkling coffee grounds in an area will repel ants. The more ants, the more grounds you should sprinkle. If you have cats loitering in your garden, sprinkling coffee grounds will also help keep them away. It is not yet known why this occurs or whether it works with other household pests.

Fertilize a Garden

The same chemical properties that make coffee grounds an excellent addition to mulch also help plants grow properly. Because coffee contains phosphorous and is slightly acidic, it is an excellent source of plant nutrition. Simple sprinkle used grounds liberally into your garden and watch the magic happen.

Natural Flea Repellant

Instead of purchasing an expensive and chemical laden solution from the pet store, simply rub your dog with used coffee grounds after a bath. It will keep fleas away for quite some time and likely improve the way your pet smells.

Fix Scratches on Furniture

Simply mix instant coffee into a paste with hot water and apply it to furniture that has been scratched. The coffee will often times actually eliminate the scratch entirely. It may take a few tries, but this trick generally works without fail.

Secret Recipe Ingredient

Coffee flavoring is widely used in everything from fast food restaurants to high end, five star kitchens. Just add some used grounds to anything from steak marinade to ice cream and you may just find your new secret ingredient.

Grow Mushrooms

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of starting a garden on your own but are still in the mood to grow something, simply throw some mushrooms into a pile of used coffee grounds. For some reason, mushrooms (especially Oyster mushrooms) grow quite magnificently in coffee.

Auto Air Freshener

Throw some used coffee grounds into a piece of cloth and hang it up from the ceiling. The coffee will absorb and eliminate any stray odors, thus making your house smell significantly better.

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