New Hope For Those With Diabetes

Diabetes affects millions of Americans, and an increased more around the globe. With it, patients have to monitor their blood sugar often and regulate their sugar in ver crucial ways. But, on Wednesday, the US FDA approved a new drug that will help improve glycemic control in diabetes patients.

The new drug, Dapagliflozin, is aimed at patients who suffer from type 2 diabetes. The name of the drug will be known as Farxiga, and aims to block the reabsorption of glucose by the kidney, and those help diabetes excrete it during urinary functions.

Type 2 Diabetes Drug Approved By FDA To Help Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes Patients With New Hopes

With this drug approval by the US FDA, this drug joins others in the recent 12 months that have also been approved to help type 2 diabetes patients. These types of drugs help type 2 diabetes patients who can often suffer from cardiovascular disease and other health problems.

This type of drug allows the body to process blood sugars in the excretion via urine, and should help those who have to constantly monitor their blood sugar levels. Shorter term outlooks have been given for diabetes patients with this medication, and longer term studies are being done to see the drugs effect on the body.

Not Without Problems

While the drug Dapagliflozin and others are seen as great things for type 2 diabetes patients, the drugs like these don’t come without any side effects. Early signs do point to those who take the drug in getting bladder cancer and infections in their urinary tracts more often than others. Whether or not this is due to the drugs interaction with the increased urine output is unknown.

The FDA is asking the drug maker to do additional longer term trials to see any other side effects for diabetes patients as well. Animals are also on the plan for testing with this drug, and to see if it affects their urine output levels as well. Drug makers also are being asked to see how children and pregnant women are able to take the drug as well, since their bodies with type 2 diabetes generally acts differently than others. By approving this drug, type 2 diabetes patients have new hope, and hopefully a new way to regulate their blood sugar levels soon.

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