New Years Hangover Cures For New Years Celebrations

As the 2014 year approaches for people around the globe, many people will be waking up on January 1st with hangovers. From New Year’s parties, long nights out to celebrate the New Year’s, and more, hangovers unfortunately happen, but controlling their effects can make you survive them.

With drinking alcohol, unfortunately hangovers generally come with them. It is the bodies affect of taking in the alcohol in the system, sometimes in excess, and then the body needing the rest and waiting for the body to get back to normal. But, managing hangovers is essential for the New Year.

New Years Hangovers Can Be Lessened With Several Remedies

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Avoiding Hangovers

Many experts agree that the trick to avoiding hangovers is by drinking alchoholic drinks with lower alcohol content or ones with less color, since they contain less congeners which lead to hangovers in the body. By not eating greasy foods or unhealthy foods with these drinks, the body can also process the alcohol easier.

One main thing that experts agree is essential to avoid hangovers, is to drink plenty of water. As alcohol dehydrates the body, water rehydrates it, and it will help the body excrete the alcohol in the bathroom. Experts agree that one glass of water per alcoholic drink should be consumed and give the person less hangover effects.

Sports Drinks & Vitamins

In addition to drinking water and other items mentioned, drinkers during the New Year’s period should also drink sports drinks. The sports drinks contain electrolytes that help replenish the sugars in the body that help to restore energy in the human body, and also decreases the hangover effects in the body.

Lastly, people are encouraged to take Vitamin B vitamins if they can as well. Vitamin B helps to sustain energy and also absorbs into the body to help supplement the day that the drinking occurs and the next days. By getting quality sleep if possible, and by exercising afterwards the body can help to get rid of the effects of the hangover. Also, teas and some caffeine helps in the hangover victim isn’t able to exercise, and wants to just take it easy. Caffeine helps take away headaches, and helps to increase the blood flow throughout the body. Ginger and peppermint teas are long known to help with hangovers as well.

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