Raw Chicken With 97% Bacteria According To Latest Report

In a report issued by Consumer Reports on Thursday, the magazine took a close look at raw chicken and poultry. In its findings, the magazine found that 97% of the chicken they tested across the United States had harmful bacteria, questioning the safety of raw chicken.

The magazine travelled to over 26 different states in its research, and tested over 315 different raw chicken breasts. The magazine went looking for six different strains of bacteria in the raw chicken, and 97% of the raw chicken contained these bacterias inside.


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Raw Chicken No Longer Safe?

While raw chicken has always been concerning, this latest health find is troublesome towards the chicken and poultry industry and consumers. The magazine found that half of the chickens in the findings had a harmful bacteria that was very resistant to three or more antibiotic classes, which makes them even harder to fight when people get sick.

The amount of chickens sold in various outlets, from the local grocery stores, to restaurants come into question with this research. The findings also point to increased safety measures that need to be taken with raw chicken, and to ensure that the chicken supply remains safe. Being resistant to a number of antibiotics though will not ensure that at all.

Keeping Chicken Safe

With this grim news, the magazine also told of ways to keep chicken safe. By buying the chicken in a plastic bag, it keeps the chicken safe, and maintain the chicken in that plastic bag from the store until it is used. By buying chicken without a plastic bag, the researchers found that additional health risks might occur.

Additionally, handling chicken carefully is important. By being really careful when handling chicken, using a dedicated cutting board, and then placing it directly into the dishwasher, the number of risks associated with chicken can be lessened. By using a meat thermometer, and cooking the chicken to 165 degrees, consumers can make sure that any bacteria is cooked away, and that the chicken remains safe to eat and digest. All of these practices can ensure that chicken remains safe and health systems remain that way too.

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