Reasons to Build Muscle

The pursuit of muscle mass has long been thought of as solely for the image obsessed. Yet muscle does a number of important things that can benefit any individual.

The stereotype of the bulky man in a bikini about to explode is anachronistic and just plain wrong. Building lean muscle mass will enhance practically every area of your life and help you stay in shape in the long run. Discussed below are the best reasons to put on some muscle for men and women alike.



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Reasons to Build Muscle for Men and Women

Before we begin, let’s discuss the number one qualm that every woman has with resistance exercises: getting too “big”. When asked about exercising, women frequently say they only either wish to lose weight or “tone” themselves.

Luckily, because of low testosterone levels, women are rarely in danger of becoming too bulky when adding muscle mass. In fact, light resistance exercise is an excellent workout that will both help you lose fat and tone your body.

For starters, lean mass will actually boost your metabolism. Nothing that you eat (save some supplements or drugs) has any capacity to increase the rate at which your metabolism functions. Yet everyone simply thinks that they are stuck with their baseline metabolism because of genetics or environmental factors.

This is simply not true. For every pound of muscle you add, you will burn fifty more calories a day. That means if you put on just ten pounds of muscle, you will burn five hundred more calories every single day. This is astonishing because it is a result that no other approach can give you.

Lean muscle mass will also help you tone your body. By burning fat while adding definition to the areas where you want to have definition, you will look leaner and healthier overall. In fact, adding lean muscle mass is just as effective (if not more) as cardiovascular exercise at helping you reach your fitness goals. So many people spend months trying to lose weight only to find that, once they are skinny, they are simply a bag of bones.

By adding just a few pounds of muscle mass, you will also feel sexier and more confident. It sounds superficial or clichéd, but it is surprising how much better you will feel day to day. Part of this is the self esteem building effects of exercising and seeing the fruits of your labor.

Finally, the reasons that so often goes unaddressed in today’s body image obsessed society; you will be stronger. Yes, you will feel much healthier. Yes, you will look sexier. Yet the most noticeable and tangible difference will be that you are stronger. Suddenly you can run longer and faster, lift heavier objects, and pursue physical activity for hours at a time without growing tired.

Conclusion: Reasons to Build Muscle

These days, there are millions of marketing gimmicks promising to make you happy and healthy. Yet the best one, and perhaps the only one without harmful side effects, is also the most straightforward. Put on just a few pounds of lean muscle mass and see how you feel; you may surprise even yourself.

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