Reverse Aging Secrets Uncovered

The world is constantly getting older, and the population that gets older continues to increase. As this happens, the research and investment into ways to reverse the keys to aging continue to evolve. But, on Friday, some hope in unlocking reverse aging were released to hopes of millions.



Researchers on Friday announced that they have found a cause of ageing in animals, and are hoping to use this research to use on humans, and see the effects of aging there. The human trials are not expected until late 2014, but gives hope to the aging population around the globe.

Mitochondria The Clue

In the research released to the journal Cell on Friday, the cell’s energy pockets, or Mitochondria were the key area of discussion. Harvard Medical Researchers found ways to essentially restore the energy in cells, and thus reverse the aging process in the muscles of animals. Researchers injected a chemical called nicotinamide into the cells, and reduced the aging in the body as well.

Deep in the research, molecular events occur within the cells, and as they continue to allow the communication to break down, the aging process unfortunately increases. The younger cells communicate very well, and over time it breaks down, and the aging process increases in the cells, and restoring communication is the key to reverse aging.

NAD Chemical

The NAD chemical, which is the area of focus, starts the communication process in the cells. As humans get older, the NAD chemical lessens and aging increases. Researchers thought that exercise and caloric decreases were the only ways to increase NAD, but found new ways to help it artificially.

A compound of cells transformed into NAD, and repaired the communication network in between the cells, and helped the mitochondrial functions of the cells. This restoration process emulates exercise and diet, thus decreasing the aging process. Animal models have been used in the research, but the research has proven very effective so far, and they are hoping to expand it into human trials soon.

They found that even within a week, muscles were improved and inflammation decreased when injected into mice and other animals. This could point towards a fountain of youth, and become the next trend in reversing aging in the future if the human research proves valid.

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