Running Shoes Matter

People need to exercise in order to release their great amount of endorphins. Though we might not feel anything is wrong if we don`t usually work out, exercising will improve our physical and mental state to a level you would not believe. It gives you power to concentrate and increases your physical energy level considerably.



Running = Good Cardio Exercise

It has been well established that running is the most accessible and very efficient exercises, not matter what your goals are. Running is especially good if you are trying to lose weight as it is a powerful cardio exercise that will put most of your muscles to work, thus getting a complete workout for free.

You don`t need to go to an expensive gym in order to work out with a running session, you just need to give it a little of your time. Running will not only help us get in shape and loose weight, but it will also strengthen our heart making us a lot healthier. Also, it is an exercise that forces our body to produce a lot of sweat.

No we all know that by sweating we actually get reed of the extra fat on our body, but we should also consider the fact that by sweating, we practically detoxify our body. So this is how running can also have a real sauna effect bringing us benefits from a great number of sides.

Long Distance vs. Fast Small Distance

There are different types of running. There`s the fast small distance kind of running, and then there`s the slow long distance type. The type of running should be chosen according to the results you want to have.

A very good choice would be alternative speed as it makes the running double efficient while still keeping it fun. A lot of running beginners tend to quit after the first week as they grow tired of doing the same thing repeatedly. This is why an alternant running pace will keep things interesting and help beginners get passed the starting stage.

Good Running Shoes Are Essential

Another thing that might get beginners to give up and loose interest is the great amount of pain one goes through in the first one or two weeks. Not only are your muscles sour, but you can even get all kinds of foot broses.

This is why, Dr. Oz recommended choosing running shoes according to your foot shape and also encouraged bear foot running. I t seams bear foot running is much healthier than running with special running shoes, as the number of broses and injuries is significantly decreased.

Another beneficial aspect that this kind of running has to offer is the fact that it takes the tension off your heels and your toes spearing you a lot of unnecessary pain.
If direct contact with the ground is too much for you though, you can try using wimpy Vibram Five Fingers shoes as they follow your exact foot line, allowing you to make the same movements as you would when walking bare foot, but still protecting you from that direct contact you want to avoid. No matter what kind of shoes you decide to go for, the important thing is to keep active and have fun with it.

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