Should Women Stay Away From Raw and Unpasteurized Products?

For many pregnant women and expectant mothers, the need to keep their bodies healthy is very important. For those mothers who have been drinking raw milk and having unpasteurized products including milk products, research on Monday came out that might change their minds.

The study by the American Academy of Pediatrics stated that pregnant women, infants, and young children should stay away from these types of products. The news came as somewhat of a shock who believe these are more natural and organic, but the bacterial risks might outweigh the benefits for those.


Dangers Of Raw Milk and Unpasteurized Products

The research on Monday stated that the raw milk and unpasteurized products are of a great danger to those with growing immune defenses. The pregnant women, fetuses, elderly, and young people are prime for the dangers of consuming these products, as their bodies are growing and evolving, and often are seen as ones who consume most of these products.

The growing demand for soft cheeses and raw milk has grown over the past few years by many, who want an organic or healthier approach to these products, free of any chemicals. The studies show that a possible E-coli strain can exist in raw-milk cheese after 60 days of aging, and in milk products it has shown to exist as well.

Raw Milk Opponents Disagree

For those who consume raw milk and unpasteurized products, they completely disagree. Studies have shown that they have the same level of nutrients as pasterurized products, but that evidence has been debated by many. People who are lactose intolerance have been linked to the popularity of raw milk since they can consume it freely.

The stats for raw milk and unpasteurized products show that under 100 outbreaks of disease have resulted from these products. Under two thousand illnesses, 195 hospitalizations, and two deaths have been noted in research as well. But, other opponents have other evidence supporting the dangers of pasteurized products as well. The report calls for a nationwide ban on raw or unpasteurized milk products, and the debate over raw vs pasteurized should linger for some time.

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