Shower filters can help to improve hair health

According to Dr. Oz can shower filter help you to avoid hair loss. Many people suffer from hair loss at some point. Yeast infections can be a cause of hair loss too by the way.



You have to treat your hair very gently Dr. Oz says and underlines that a charcoal filter can help you to get rid of the chlorine in the water (partly), which is responsible for dry hair.

A great showerhead for example is the Culligan WSH-C125. After the easy installation you will quickly notice the difference and enjoy a new healthy shower experience.

Charcoal filters are cheap and should be considered, especially if you are loosing more hair than you normally do.

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  1. Priya

    Thanks for the tip – But noticed that you’ve spelt lose incorrectly in a couple of places – as loose!
    Thought you might like to correct that.


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