Small Lifestyle Changes, Huge Health Benefits

What do you think would help you lose more weight; giving up soda and sugary drinks, or going on a calorie-restricted diet? In a perfect world, it would certainly be the latter.



Unfortunately, reality does not control for other variables. Most people abandon their diets after anywhere from a week to a month, especially if they are drastic. On the other hand, if you can make even a small adjustment and stick with it, you will experience incremental results for a very long time. Discussed below are some minor changes you can make in your life that will pay you dividends for a very, very long time.

Eat Colored Foods

If you look down on your plate and all you see are shades of grey, you are committing a very basic dietary error. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can lower your risk of digestive track cancers by as much as 70%, and it will provide you with plenty of crucial vitamins and minerals to boot. Don’t eat a single meal without a fruit or vegetable. You’ll be amazed at the benefits.

Dry Brush your Teeth

This tip rarely makes its way around, but it’s extremely useful (particularly if you have sensitive teeth). Before you brush with toothpaste, use a soft brush to buffer your teeth first. It will help eliminate significantly more tartar and reduce the chances of bleeding gums. Don’t forget to floss too.

Eat Breakfast and Snack

Believe it or not, sometimes you can lose weight by eating a little more. Not skipping breakfast ensures that your metabolism is revved up throughout the day, and snacking every now and then keeps your blood sugar steady and prevents your body from impulsively storing fat. Eat smaller meals more often.

Stay Hydrated

Most Americans are chronically dehydrated for no good reason at all. Not only do we have practically unlimited access to clean drinking water, but it is also free courtesy of your municipal treatment plant. Staying properly hydrated helps your body get rid of waste and fat, and ensures that your mental acuity does not falter.


A recent study found that individuals who volunteered or claimed a hobby outside of work and family had a death rate of less than one half than those who don’t. Coach a baseball team, become a voracious reader, or simply become a fan of the theater. Consider it exercise for your brain.

Eat Thin Crust Pizza

This one is simple.. thin crust pizza has thirty percent less calories than normal pizza. Blot the cheese with a paper towel and you’ll also get rid of some of the grease and fat while you’re at it.

Eat Bananas

Bananas are delicious and nutritious. They’re chock full of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function. They’re also excellent sources of potassium, which researchers in India have found can lower your blood pressure by ten percent in just a week (potassium neutralizes sodium). Eat one or two a day every day. They make excellent snacks.

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