Top 10 Healthy Activities

It’s no secret that some habits and activities are better for us than others. Wouldn’t it be good to know the very healthiest things we can do on a regular basis? There is now enough research available to allow us to identify some of these activities. Here are the top 10 healthy activities that can help improve the quality of your life.



Strength Training

1. There is more and more evidence that weight lifting or other types of strength training are essential for good health. This type of exercise not only makes your muscles stronger, it also keeps your bones healthy. This is increasingly important as you get older.


2. Spending time in the water is fun and relaxing for most people. Swimming is also one of the best exercises you can do for improving strength and stamina. Whether you swim in a pool or the ocean this is a practice that has many health benefits.



3. Walking is a basic yet very beneficial type of exercise that is less jarring on the body than running. You can walk as a workout and you can also incorporate more walking into your daily lifestyle. When possible, walk rather than drive.


4. People who have active social networks tend to be happier and healthier than those who are more isolated. It’s important to meet people in person and not just talk online or on the phone. By cultivating and maintaining friendships you can be healthier and, according to studies, even live longer.


5. Dancing is a fun and social activity as well as a great form of exercise. There are many types of dance to choose from, so you can choose the kind that you enjoy most. You can take dance classes, practice using a dance video or DVD or go to dances in your area.

Racket Sports

6. Sports such as tennis, squash, table tennis and racquetball are highly aerobic activities that can also be very engaging. Playing these sports several times per week can be a fun way to get your cardio workouts.


7. This system of fitness from India has a lot to offer people in the modern world. It’s both invigorating and relaxing. It also promotes flexibility and teaches you to breathe more deeply, which energizes all of the body’s organs.


8. Growing a garden gives you a chance to spend time in nature. It’s also surprisingly strenuous, as you have to use various implements, dig holes and crouch in different positions. Gardening can be a satisfying and meditative activity that helps people unwind.

Bike Riding

9. Riding a bike can be a healthy alternative form of transportation as well as a great workout. More and more places are making it easier to ride bikes by providing bike lanes. While you can get some of the same benefits by using a stationary bike, it’s more fun to ride a bike outdoors and get some fresh air.

Circuit Training

10. This is a full body workout that can be completed in around 30 minutes. Circuit training incorporates card and strength training into a single, very intense workout. Crossfit, which has recently become very popular, is a similar concept.

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