Top 10 Home Remedies for Body Odor

Let’s be honest about this boys and girls; no one likes the smell of body odor. We know that it contains pheromones that are meant to drive us crazy but it really doesn’t do much for our noses. It’s coming into that time of year again – it’s getting warmer so we’re getting smellier.

If you are finding that you are stinking more than usual, or just haven’t got any deodorant to hand, you should take a peek at these top ten home remedies for body odor!

need to have good hygiene

1. Clearly you are going to need to have good hygiene if you don’t want to stink like a trash can in the heat of the summer. Try having more showers! If you have a shower in the morning, you are going to be a bit hot and sweaty throughout the day so try having a secondary shower at night if you don’t already. Always shower after the gym too – this should go without saying.

Try some deep breathing

2. Keep your anger levels down! When you get angry, stressed out, upset or just downright annoyed, you are going to raise the roof when it comes to your body. It’s going to sweat more and this is going to make you smell more. Try some deep breathing or meditation to get you through the difficult times – it’ll make the world of difference in these sweaty times!

better understand your closet

3. Try to better understand your closet. If you wear thick clothes when it’s warm outside, you are going to sweat more than if you were to wear a thin t-shirt. Make sure that you put clean clothes on everyday and try to purchase high quality materials from time to time, especially when it comes to your underwear, and this can make a difference to how much you sweat… and smell!

smell real bad

4. Certain foods are going to make you smell real bad in the warmer months so you are probably going to want to avoid them if consider yourself a “stinky!” The hotter end of the spectrum is going to make you smell more – hot chili’s, for example, are the worst thing that you can eat. You will probably want to avoid garlic and onions as well – those do not smell fresh in the summer!

antibacterial soap

5. Try using an antibacterial soap to wash with, or looking antibacterial essential oils to use, such as tea tree oil. You may need to give the bacteria a good kick up the backside on your skin and washing with this can do that. Baking soda and talcum powder after the bath or shower can be a good idea too.

have a good dry-off

6. You are going to want to make sure that you have a good dry-off after you get wet as bacteria thrive in wet and damp conditions, especially the folds of skin and little nooks and crevices on your body. If you leave the area in between your toes damp, for example, you are likely to get athlete’s foot. Make sure you dry properly.

find you sweat

7. In the places that you find you sweat more than other areas, you can give the area a good clean using a three percent hydrogen peroxide solution in a ratio of one tablespoon of the peroxide in about 8 ounces of water and swab it on, leave for a few moments and then wash off in the shower. Witch hazel is something else you can use in the place of hydrogen peroxide also.

Don’t’ wear tight clothes

8. Don’t’ wear tight clothes. This goes without saying – you know when you wear tight clothes in the summer you are going to sweat more. Keep things as loose as possible and if you are going to wear tighter clothing – make them good quality!

pay attention to your feet

9. Make sure that you pay attention to your feet as stinky, sweaty feet can be just as much of an issue, if not more, than other areas of the body. Always make sure that you dry and use talcum powder or baby powder to soak up any leftover moisture.

Stop smoking!

10. Stop smoking! This is actually one of the easiest things that you can do. You will certainly smell more pleasant in the hot months. Your teeth are more likely to rot when you smoke and this can lead to a bad odor coming from your mouth. That, combined with gum disease risks and the fact that it can have a damaging effect on your lungs, you are in for a rough time.

Your taste buds will basically be fried when you smoke anyway so you won’t be able to smell anything. It won’t matter to you how you smell but remember, it does matter to other people.

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