Using Laxatives Proving More Important With Huge FDA Warning

Laxatives have been used throughout modern times to ease constipation and to help relieve people of these symptoms. It could be health related, stress related, or a mixture of both that causes it. But, the FDA on Thursday issued a warning for those who use them to use them very correctly.



The FDA warnings for people who use laxatives comes after over 13 deaths have been reported recently due to the misuse of laxatives. The FDA in its statement wanted to make it clear that people who do use laxatives, need to follow directions carefully and not deviate from them.

Why An FDA Warning?

The FDA warning on laxative use came after deaths have been reported, and the FDA wanted to get out in front of this quickly. People should use them as a single dose, once per day according to the statement, and not used for more than 3 consecutive days. Plus it came with the warning of not using them if they don’t work right away.

I think we have all been in the situation where we were “backed up”, and have had the situation of needing to use a laxative. But, the dangers of dying from the usage of laxatives has never cross my mind at all. I never knew they had the possibility of death in them, and find this quite shocking to say the least.

Recommended Use

The FDA also recommended that people over 55 who use sodium phosphate laxatives like Fleet or other generic ones on the market, check with their physicians. Increased risk of side effects could be noted as well from the usage with older people. The inner workings of those 55 and older are more delicate than younger people and thus the warning.

Now, I’ve used other laxatives in the past like psyllium and mineral oil, and those are much safer alternatives than the Fleet brand of laxatives. They aren’t as harsh on the body, and are made of plant fibers. They don’t harshly affect the body like chemicals, and are calmer on the body overall. I don’t think I’d ever use these chemical based laxatives again, and if I did only with a doctor’s recommendation for sure.

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