Vending Machines To Show Calorie Counts Soon

Vending machines are the easy way to grab a bite on the go, and often times is the devil of most dieters. It’s a quick way to get a bag of chips, a quick soda, or even a sandwich. But news out on Friday shows that vending machines will have to show calorie counts starting this year.

For those who frequent vending machines, whether for connivence or a quick snack on the go, usually don’t care about the calories since it provides a relatively easy snack. But, questions surround whether or not putting calorie counts on these machines is good or bad.

Vending Machines To Display Calorie Counts On Foods Starting In 2014

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New Requirements For 2014

The new requirements for vending machines to show calorie counts either outside the machine or on the product inside is new for 2014. The rule is the doing of the FDA, and is the latest in ways for the packaging of food anywhere to show what exactly is inside it, how many calories it has, and what the ingredients are.

The requirements will be relatively easy for larger companies to print on their products, and some do already. But, smaller companies who sell their muffins, candy, or other types of vending machine snacks might find it harder to get calorie counts on their products. It might also cause people to think twice about a product from the machine too.

Can This Hurt Vending Machines?

Experts wonder whether or not this move to put calorie counts on vending machines will hurt or help the vending machine business. Some companies who provide foods to these machines would rather find alternative ways to sell their foods versus the additional costs of marketing, and some find the costs help their sales.

The vendor will have a choice to make a decision on how vending machine sales affect their business. Many people generally choose vending machine food more out of a last second choice versus one that they desire. Vending machine food for the most part is chips, sodas, sandwiches, and other quick to go food, and isn’t seen as a permanent replacement for any meals. Manufacturers won’t face any fines until 2015, but will have to see if this move by the FDA is good or bad for their business.

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