Walking Proves More Effective Exercise Than Ever

Exercise, especially as the new year rolls around is something that everyone promises to do, and makes resolutions to do it more. A study released this week shows that te simple exercise of walking proves to be a more effective exercise than ever, especially at longer distances.

The simple exercise of walking is something as humans we can all do, and something that doesn’t take a ton of costs to do. There isn’t a gym to join, tons of equipment to buy, or requiring any special apparatus. The art of walking can be done anywhere and is now shown to be needed.

Study Shows Walking Is Best Exercise When Done In Distance

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]

American Heart Association Study

In the study released by the American Heart Association, the study shows that people who walk enough to meet or exceed physical activiity or less likely to die than those who exercise a little. The study released this week shows that people who walk two and a half hours per week will show the greatest benefits from the walking.

In the 42,000 middle-aged people in the study, walkers filled out questionaires as to their health, what they ate, how often they exercised, and more. The study showed that 23 percent of those didn’t walk enough to meet the guidelines, and only 16 percent of them exceeded the two and a half hour mark per week.

What Does This Mean To Walkers?

This study shows that walking is still the best and simplest exercise around. In that study, people who walked more got one-third of a less chance of dying in that period under the study. 11 percent of them who didn’t meet the two and a half hour mark had a lower chance of dying.

The study might change the recommended guidelines for five hours per week, but also shows that walking is the best exercise around. By exceeding those guidelines, walkers can strengthen their health, get better health benefits from it, and feel better doing it.

Between lowering health disease and other factors, people who walk can get more from longer distances walked as it helps their health. The study shows people need to just get up and move, and then it will make them feel better and healthier.

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