Why You Need Fresh Air and Sunshine Daily

Plenty of fresh air, sunshine and exercise are what allowed past generations to live longer, healthier lives. They didn’t suffer as much as today’s generation with weight problems, were hardly ever sick, and had beautiful skin and more energy.



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Fresh air and sunshine give you radiance, vigor, and a general feeling of wellbeing, but they also have other health benefits.

Health Benefits of Fresh Air and Sunshine

For example, getting adequate sunlight helps your skin to make vitamin D, which strengthens bones and teeth; aids in growth and development; gives you healthy hair, skin and nails; and fights cancer.

If you are like most people and spend most of your time indoors, you are breathing stale, recycled air. Because you’re in a closed space, you aren’t getting the oxygen you need to thrive and your health could suffer in the long term as a result.

Furthermore, breathing in outside air in the city and heavily populated areas can have adverse effects too, since there is more machinery, cars and emissions. Air pollution is a very real issue that can lead to lung disease, upper respiratory infections and even cancer.

Rural areas have more trees and, therefore, more oxygen in the atmosphere. Still, any type of fresh air is better than indoor air; so if you are going to be indoors quite a bit, at least fling the windows wide open, open the blinds and pull back the curtains so sun and oxygen can fill the room.

However you choose to get fresh air is up to you, but rather than just stepping outside and taking in lung fulls of air, incorporating some form of exercise like walking is very effective and gets the oxygen circulating through your body even faster. Breathing fresh air helps the body digest food better, too. So going for a walk after dinner serves another purpose besides just trying to stay fit and keep the weight off.

Outdoor walking supplies more oxygen, which stimulates the mind and helps it to function more efficiently; gives you an energy and immune system boost; keeps your lungs clearer so you can breathe better; expels toxins from the body; helps you to sleep soundly; relaxes you; improves your mood; etc. Without sufficient oxygen, the cells in your body will die. Cell death leads to organ death and organ death to your premature death. It just makes sense for your overall health.

Fresh air and sunshine together will make every organ and system in your body function better, you’ll look better, and you’ll just feel rejuvenated everyday with such a small effort.

How Much Is Enough?

All it takes is 10 or 15 minutes outdoors to breathe in sufficient oxygen for the day. That time could be spent exercising, and you’ll find yourself outside even longer. As for sunlight, you have to be careful since the sun can be healthy but also harmful. Too much time in the sun, especially without adequate sunscreen, can cause sunburn, sunstroke, or even skin cancer.

You should comfortably spend up to 30 minutes in the sun daily when the sun is not at its peak, and sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher) is a must. That means that between the hours of 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., you should be very cautious or avoid the sun as much as possible. Lighter-skinned people should be especially cautious, since their skin is more susceptible to sunburn and skin damage.

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