Winter Skin Care Tips

As the seasons change from hot to cold, you may have a few challenges to keeping your skin looking great. With the cold season soon approaching, it’s important to know how to get your skin ready and protect it from the potential harsh temperatures that are to come.



Here are some tips that might come in handy.

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

The skin’s outer layer usually does a fine job of sealing in moisture so that during warmer weather, the skin isn’t as dry. When the cold sets in, however, the outer layer takes a beating and dry skin is more pronounced, especially for darker-complexioned people since their skin has a more obvious difference in color from the dry flakes that form.

Those who instead tend to have oily skin may also face some challenges. Too much heat, humidity or windiness can leave their skin devoid of moisture, i.e., dehydrated. Prepare now, and the cold won’t faze your skin, no matter your skin type.


To avoid dry skin and dehydration in the cold season, you should actually be cleansing and exfoliating more in the coming months before winter sets in. What exfoliating does is remove layers of dead skin so that you can retain your skin’s natural moisture longer – and the moisturizers that you do use won’t have to work as hard. You can use less moisturizer and still have great, luxurious skin.

Exfoliating, which temporarily removes the protective outer layer of skin, is best during cold season when the sun is less intense and less damaging to the exposed skin. New, healthy skin is revealed during this process, and you’ll find that your skin often looks its best during the winter.


Heavy moisturizing creams are useful in colder temperatures, especially those containing hyaluronic acid – which the body naturally produces (but decreases over time) and helps keep our skin hydrated. Serums can work well with moisturizers or effectively stand alone to keep skin hydrated, due to their ability to be easily absorbed deep into the skin. Since skin is apt to dry out much easier during cold season, moisturizers and serums are the order of the day.

Protect Your Lips

Licking your lips often and wearing lipstick overnight dries them out, so stop it. To further protect against dryness, if you must wear lipstick, buy the ones that contain moisturizers or instead opt for a lip balm.

Bath and Body

Long, hot showers and baths strips your skin of its natural oils and promotes dry skin. Instead, go for short, lukewarm baths/showers and then be sure to apply your moisturizers immediately after patting (not rubbing) your skin dry. This seals in the moisture while your skin is still damp. Also, use little or no body fragrances during winter season, since they also dry your skin out.

So again, exfoliate, moisturize and bathe in tepid water during the dry winter season for beautiful, healthy skin that can endure the elements.

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