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Healthy Waist Size for Women

Dr. Oz is answering questions from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube again. One question he received was: “What is a healthy waist size for women”? There is a very simple formula to find out your ideal waist size. Simply divide your height by 2 and compare this with your actual waist size. If that number is higher than your waist size, you have too much belly fat and you got to work on reducing that.

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10 Responses to “Healthy Waist Size for Women”
  1. ivana zuccolin says:

    My mom has had very very sore legs for 5 1/2 years,Dr’s tried many many tests etc. and finally has been told she has thrombosis phlebitis.
    Is there anything that can be done or at least help with the pain, some days she is not able to walk because of the pain.
    Please please answer this question.



  2. mrs nomusa ndlovu says:

    dear doctor, thank you for this wonderful web site, i really enjoyed your shows with Oprah and the best of luck with your own new show.

    i am 39 years of age and have had headaches for some time and developed eye prblms and after a ct scan they said i have raised intracraneal pressure and have had an attempt at a shunt and it kept slipping off.this was after several lumber punctures and steroids treatment.

    now i have double vision at certain angles and have developed papilodema.
    i wegh 130kgs and am 1,6cms tall. i leave in a country called zimbabwe and doctors are scarce. please enlighten me on this condition because i dont know wht causes it since i dont have a tumour or so. the shunt was removed because csf kept leaking through the wound. i am on blood pressure medication and its under control.

    please help.


  3. nancy says:

    hi ,i have a question to ask,ive been having irregular mensuration and have been trying to get pregnant for a while now,my doctor said i have polycystitis and gave me a diabetic drug[metformin],i want to know why i should be taking a diabetic drug or im i diabetic and what has it got to do with irregular periods and not being able to get pregnant.
    nancy from ontario,canada

  4. Pat Johnson says:

    I am 70 yrs. old. No health problems. Have always had a lg. waist. I am 5’2″ 150lbs. now. My waist is 35. What is the best way to make it smaller. Losing weight seems impossible, although I know I don’t try that hard. Is it exercise or just losing weight to reduce the waist. Help Pat

  5. N/A says:

    I am a teenager, but I wonder if i’m the right size for my height and so on. I weight around 111 lbs, my waist is:26 inches, and in my legs I am very muscular. I have a two-pack on my stomach, but somewhat of a roll as well, though not much of one (i guess). I’m I the right size for a teenager of a fun size of: 5′ 0″?
    Thank You,

  6. Anoyomous says:

    im 15 almost 16. and im about 5’4. I weight about 130pounds and a size 8 in jeans. and 29 inches in waist size…. i have big hipps and a weird shaped body, its like an hourglass. i dont have much fat. but my thighs are kind of big. But am i at an alright size for my age and hieght? and is it a good thing or bad thing that my upper body looks like an hourglass shape?

  7. Ruth says:

    im 18. and i am about 5’8 i weigh about 120-115 at times and Im a size 0 in jeans and a 23 inches in my waist size. My eating habits are irregular now and i find my self feeling stressed and tired all the time, I was wondering if that is normal or should i talk to my doctor about that

  8. anonymous says:

    i am 14 and about 5’8. i weigh about 128pounds and a size 5-7 in pants and my waist is 28. i have a wierd shaped body and my bust is larger then my hips is that normal? i have bigger thighs and id say a flabbier mid section but scrawny arms is this good or bad?

  9. sarah... says:

    i am 15 years old.
    my height is 5’8 or 1.78m.
    i have an hourglass body shape.
    i am also a rower (i don’t know if that has anything to do with it).
    my waist is 16.14 inches. Is that healthy??

  10. Rycchi... says:

    Hello there,
    I am a 20 year young lady, I am about 5’2 and I weight around 135 pounds.
    I use to be a very chubby girl and than lost up to 112lbs. But now it seems impossible to get back to that weight. I have a small bone structure and I do not know what is the ideal weight for me without looking too boney…Any suggestions?

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