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  • Food On Your Face For Great Skin

    2 150x150 jpeg Healthy foods we eat can also be applied directly to our skin to make us look younger and fresher. Source:
  • 3 Great Ways to Nix Facial Wrinkles

    3 300x2031 150x150 jpg The fountain of youth has got to be out there somewhere, right? Well, we can at least keep age lines at bay as long as possible. Source:
  • Winter Skin Care Tips

    4 300x1751 150x150 jpg As the seasons change from hot to cold, you may have a few challenges to keeping your skin looking great. With the cold season soon approaching, it’s important to know how to get your skin ready and protect it...
  • The Effects of Stress on Your Skin

    5 300x1811 150x150 jpg Dull, blemished or dry skin could be a sign of stress overload – rather than the usual culprits of unhealthy eating and lifestyle. Source:
  • Beautiful Skin Starts Within

    6 300x1991 150x150 jpg Want radiant, healthy-looking skin? Consider what you’re putting into your body, which could have a direct effect on the outside – starting with your face. Source:
  • Winning the Battle With Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    7 300x3001 150x150 gif Consistent upset stomach and digestive problems could be spell irritable bowel syndrome. You can get some relief when you make some simple alterations and additions to your lifestyle. Source:
  • Ways to Treat Circulation Issues

    8 150x150 jpg If you are prone to having cold hands and feet, you are likely suffering from circulation problems. Source:
  • Say Goodbye to Allergy Eyes

    9 150x150 jpeg People who suffer with seasonal allergies know firsthand how miserable irritants like pollen and grass can make them. In addition to sinus pain and congestion, the eyes often become inflamed and irritated. Rather than spending the change in seasons...
  • Be Good to Your Nails

    10 150x150 jpeg No one likes fingernails that are dry, brittle, thin and chipped. They signal that the body is lacking in certain vitamins, minerals and oils that will return their luster and health. Source:
  • Stifle Your Sore Throat

    11 300x2031 150x150 jpg A sore throat is often one of the first signs that a respiratory illness is brewing. What a nuisance a dry, achy, scratchy throat can be. Put a lid on it at the first sign of soreness with these...
  • 4 Safeguards to Help Prevent Miscarriage

    12 300x1991 150x150 jpg The best way to prevent miscarriage is by living a clean, healthy lifestyle before your baby is conceived. Sometimes, however, even that isn’t enough. There are always exceptions, but you can at least do all you know to do...
  • 5 Tips to Help You Get Through Morning Sickness

    13 300x1361 150x136 jpg Morning sickness is an inevitable part of pregnancy for most women, but that doesn’t mean it has to be unbearable or as severe. Source:
  • What’s Causing Your Female Facial Hair?

    14 150x150 jpg The incidence of women complaining of unwanted facial hair has become a much more common thing in our society, affecting a record one-tenth of all women in the United States. Source:
  • No More Charlie Horses

    15 300x2261 150x150 jpg If you’ve ever felt the excruciating pain of a Charlie horse, you’ll want to know how to get rid of them should one ever come around again – or prevent them from happening in the first place. Source:
  • “Hot Head” Cures

    16 300x2201 150x150 jpg You’ve probably heard the phrase: “Feed a cold, starve a fever.” Well, even though cutting back on food consumption is wise when you’re battling a fever, feeding your fever certain things should help it go away quickly. Source:
  • Prevent Osteoporosis Now

    18 300x3001 150x150 jpg Preventing osteoporosis should be a lifelong endeavor, especially for females in particular who most commonly fall prey to this disease. Osteoporosis is most common and detrimental in old age but the effects of the condition can be felt much...
  • Skin Tags: Cause For Alarm?

    19 274x3001 150x150 jpg You may have seen them and thought they were moles, but may not have heard the term “skin tags” before. These little protrusions are more common than people realize, but are they a cause for alarm?
  • Help For Irregular Menstrual Periods

    20 300x2051 150x150 jpg When it comes to your menstrual period, many factors come into play. Your diet, weight, physical activity, stress level, etc. all have some bearing on whether or not things will function as they should. When there are chemical or...
  • 8 Infertility Prevention Tips for Women

    21 300x1871 150x150 jpg Not every woman of child-bearing age is able to conceive so easily, and the answer to the problem could be right under her nose. Source:
  • Ulcer Blockers

    22 300x1931 150x150 jpg No longer do you have to “take it easy” or steer clear of Mexican food so you won’t get an ulcer. If you have an ulcer, neither of these is to blame. Source: