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  • Toothache Busters

    23 150x150 jpeg Nothing beats a toothache like good preventative dental care and personal dental hygiene of your own, but should a flaming toothache rear its head, here are some unconventional ways of abating it. Source:
  • Hope for Winter Blues

    24 300x1991 150x150 jpg There is hope for even the worst Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) sufferer, though you may not have even realized that there was a name for what you have been experiencing. Like clockwork, as the cold weather creeps in, so...
  • Simple Solutions to Get Rid of Smelly Feet

    25 265x3001 150x150 jpg The primary culprit behind smelly feet is sweat, since it provides a warm, moist environment in which bacteria thrive. Since sweating is a natural bodily function, what can you do to make foot odor a thing of the past?...
  • 5 Tips to Beat Low Back Pain

    26 300x2741 150x150 jpg It’s no secret that sitting for long periods results in lower back pain over time, but being sure to stretch in between hours at the computer isn’t enough to curtail this problem. Source:
  • Arthritis Relievers & Agitators

    27 300x1711 150x150 jpg Arthritis sufferers everywhere, in search of helpful ways to alleviate that all-too-familiar joint pain, swelling and stiffness, this article is for you. Source:
  • What’s So Great About Herbs?

    28 150x150 jpeg Outside of Western culture, most of the world views herbal medicine as traditional medicine; whereas we, on the contrary, view our artificial pharmaceuticals as traditional and herbs as alternative medicine. Herbs are nature’s medicines that are abundantly available for...
  • Acupuncture: Healing For All That Ails You

    29 150x150 jpeg If getting shots at the doctor’s office isn’t your thing, you may find acupuncture rather intimidating. However, a lot of people who have had the procedure done find that it’s not as painful as one might think – and...
  • Breast-Feeding Woes & Home Remedies: Excess Lactation

    31 150x150 jpeg After the delivery of their new bundle of joy, many moms experience breast pain, tenderness and swelling as a result of an overproduction of milk. Maybe it’s because the baby hasn’t gotten used to breastfeeding yet and isn’t feeding...
  • More Food, Less Weight

    32 300x1841 150x150 jpg Despite the average diet calling for counting calories and cutting back as much as possible on the amount of food you eat, there’s a simpler way to drop those pounds – eating more. Source:
  • High Heels and Women’s Health

    33 150x150 jpeg High heels are high on a man’s list of things women wear that makes them more attractive. Women, too, love the sex appeal of a high-heeled shoe, but what is the price women pay for keeping up appearances in...
  • Medical Warnings for the Elderly

    34 150x150 jpg The older you are, the more likely you are to have health problems that require first-rate medical care. As many seniors have learned, however, it can be hard to find a doctor suited to care for their special needs....
  • Quick Guide to Vitamins

    36 150x150 jpeg It is common knowledge that vitamins are essential for our overall health. However, with so many vitamins available, it’s hard to decipher between them and understand what each one does, how much is necessary on a daily basis and...
  • How to Identify the Causes of Hidden Allergies

    37 300x1981 150x150 jpg Ever had a rash, stomach problem or respiratory ailment that defied diagnosis? You might have been suffering from a hidden food reaction. Source:
  • Life-Saving Breast Cancer Screenings

    38 300x1871 150x150 jpg One in eight American women gets breast cancer, but the diagnosis is not a death sentence. More than 2 million women in the U.S. today have survived breast cancer – largely due to screening techniques that detect the disease...
  • Cosmetic Surgery: The Best Solutions

    39 300x2251 150x150 jpg Cosmetic surgery means more than nose jobs and breast implants. There are now hundreds of different procedures designed to take care of everything from wrinkles and scars to sagging skin and loose jowls. Source:
  • Creating Your Medical Family Tree Could Save Your Life

    40 300x1621 jpeg 150x150 jpg If you aren’t really sure about your family’s medical history, you may be setting yourself up for needless health problems. Source:
  • Fight MCI & Alzheimer’s (and Retain Memory Longer)

    41 300x2561 150x150 gif Alzheimer’s disease, the dreaded destroyer of memory, doesn’t happen all at once. Like heart disease and many other serious ailments, it’s years in the making. Source:
  • Heart-Wise: Red Yeast Rice Lowers Cholesterol

    43 300x1981 jpeg 150x150 jpg There has been some controversy among the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, pharmaceutical companies and supplement manufacturers regarding a supplement that is cheaper, safer and more effective than statins to remedy heart conditions – red yeast rice. It has...