Gallbladder and Gallstones

The gallbladder is one of the most important parts of someone’s digestive system. This part of our digestive system it helps our bodies to store the bile that is made in the liver. Bile is a yellow fluid that is made of pigments, salts, water, cholesterol and minerals and helps our organisms to emulsify the fat from our digestive systems.

You will be surprised, but someone’s liver produces a liter of bile every day. The gallbladder stores it, concentrates it and controls bile’s release. You should know that the gallbladder is not an important organ and neither a critical one. It is considered by many doctors a disposable organ.



What are Gallstones ?

The disease caused by gallbladder has two principal motives. Either it was caused by an inflammation either it was caused by gallstones. What are gallstones? Well, these “stones” form in our bodies when bile transform in shape of a small stone. This happens due to the lack of that yellow fluid that I told you about above.

Gallstones can cause a high level of cholesterol or salts in the bloodstreams. Gallstones are very dangerous because they represent a major risk for gallbladder cancer and for bile cancer. These two types of cancer are rare, but their frequency it’s increasing day by day. This increase is also caused by obesity, which is one of the most important factors for gallstones.

Being the most famous doctor in America, Dr. Oz thinks that people that suffer of obesity are having many chances to develop gallstones. I’m sure that the first question that comes in your mind is “What is the link between weight and gallstones?”, so I will tell you that obese people have an overworked liver and many times, this is the factor that produces gallstones.

But not only obese people are subjected to this risk. People who lost quickly a certain number of pounds, are also taking this risk. Dr. Oz believes that the gallbladder removal is a simple procedure that can be done in each hospital and that no one should make worries about.

Gall Stones Symptoms

With a small search on the Internet, you can find out what are the symptoms for this disease. I will tell you what are the most common symptoms. If you feel any kind of pain in the upper side of your abdomen, if you have indigestion, if you feel any pain after you have your meals, if you developed intolerance to fatty foods, if you have low fever or chills, if you feel bloated, you should immediately make an appointment and ask the opinion of a doctor.

Gall Stones Treatments

There are many treatments that can help you get healthy again. You can choose to have a surgical procedure to remove the gallbladder from your body. This procedure is called cholecystectomy and surgeons will restructure your biliary system. In this way, bile will go directly into the small intestine.

An important advantage of this procedure is that it is made laparoscopically, which means that the recovery time will be very short in comparison with traditional surgery. Another treatment that someone can use to solve his medical problem is to follow and oral drug therapy. Dr. Oz recommends this treatment for those people who are not having big stones inside their bodies.

There are special drugs for this diseases that dissolve stones. Dr. Oz also recommends the therapy that is made with an injected solution. This special solution will be injected into your gallbladder and it will dissolve gallstones.

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  1. shelbycurry

    Dr. Oz, on a routine trip to a teaching facility with some students, a student went through the utrasound area, where they volunteered to have a free ultrasound done, and upon doing so, the tech saw a GB full of stones on this student, i could also recognize the stones but the tech did not alert the student, but called me (the advisor) to the side and alerted me, and made me promise that i would alert this child’s parent. I have alerted the parent and sent the copy of the utrasound to the parent but the parent had not taken the child to a doctor or anything and got mad at school officials for alerting her to this medical problem. The student is the third year of high school. I am concerned that if left untreated this could cause her some major problems. I have notified my superiors of this incident and the parent still did not cooperate with them. What else can i do?

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