Dr. Oz, How to Quit Smoking?

Smoking isn’t anymore a strange addiction, because more and more people started to smoke in different moments of their lives. Smokers have smoking break while they are at the office or when they go out with their friends.
If you ask a smoker how does he feel when he is standing outside in his smoking break and he is not smoking he will tell you that he feels embarrassed and that he feels some sort of grieve. There are over 45 million smokers and that’s only in America.


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Lose fear to quit smoking

In one of Oprah Winfrey’s TV shows, Dr. Oz explained smokers that they have bad habit that can be fatal. He said that smokers are afraid of quit this habit and that this isn’t about power. Power and ambition are only pretexts for smokers. They are afraid that they will get fat or they are afraid that they will be rejected by the society.

Dr. Oz offered a tip to the audience and said that if someone really wants to quit smoking he should tell himself “Breathe free” and not “Don’t smoke”. If you didn’t know until know, “Don’t smoke” stimulates your brain with the word “smoke”, which means that you will not be able to quit smoking. Dr. Oz also made a small comparison between cigarettes and heroine.

He said that many people renounce at heroine and only few are able to quit smoking. If some think that smoking helps them to get rid of stress, specialists say that this is only the opinion of smokers and that this is just another excuse. In fact, after they finish smoking a cigarette, smokers are still stressed and their problems are still there.

Doctor Oz made a demonstration that showed smokers what chemicals are inside their bodies. Did you know that there are more than 250 toxic chemicals in a single cigarette? Doctor Oz made some tests on an edge heart and on a lung and audience was really impressed by the results. Smoking can cause cancer, COPD, heart disease and emphysema.

I will give you a real example that can convince you to quit smoking. If you are in a car with someone that doesn’t smoke and you smoke, for example, 6 cigarettes, 1 cigarette and a half is smoked by the person that doesn’t smoke.

Replace the habit of smoking

If you decided to quit smoking Dr. Oz has a plan for you! In the first 30 days you will not have to force to quit smoking. Just try to find another behavior that will replace smoking. It’s recommended to start and walk at least 30 minutes a day, 7 days per week.

In this way you will not be tempted to eat after you will stop smoking or, if you will eat, you will not gain considerable weight. Don’t find any excuses to not go and walk. You can replace this physical activity with any other physical exercises. You can buy a treadmill and you can use it while you watch your favorite TV show. The most important thing is to move.


In the 31st and 32nd day of this process, you will have to take each day 100mg of bupropion. This will ease the transition from being a smoker to being one that wants to quit. After that, renounce at this habit. You will see that it will be easier for you if you follow these steps.

For more tips to quit smoking go to QuitSmoking.com

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  1. Dianna Hartnell

    Hi there, I am so glad i kept searching for a place to send an email. Dr. Oz sent someone from the audience last Friday to a clinic to stop smoking.
    I am sure he said approxiamately 2 weeks. Could you please tell me where this clinic is and how a person goes about attending. I am looking for somewhere to go that they keep you until the craving is over and you have completely quit.
    Please help me.

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