Natural Insomnia Treatment

Insomnia is a part of our lives at some point.
Dealing with it is very important especially to those that have it for a long period of time. Doctor Oz says that the lacking of sleep has effect on our everyday lives and affects us deeply that we can see, its effects can reach from more effort in concentrating to chronic health issues.



If you suffer from insomnia, then you should know how difficult is to concentrate and be productive. As to the increase of this phenomenon, which has became world-wide problem, you can find on the market a lot of sleep aid products, that claims to be the pill that would give you a good night’s sleep. Doctor Oz offers an alternative to these pills, so why not try a good alternative, a drug free one.

Sleeping Hours

Insomnia could be countered in a few simple steps. Or, at least it would help. Firstly do a change in your bed routine: look if you could productively change a habit so that you might have a restful night. Take a try and change your sleeping hour to the same every day, does that have effect?

The habits of reading/ watching television can make your sleeping problem much worse, because your body must recognize the bed as a sleeping place, and another advice is to not go into the bed until you are sleepy enough. In this way you can sleep more easily and you can use as an aid soft music or a white noise machine, and you can get in a restful state.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol ,many exercises, heavy foods are to be avoided at all costs before sleep , because these have a stimulating effect on the body, and that makes the body awake. Try stretching, deep breathing or meditating for some time before going to sleep.

You can meditate on everything you like as long as it makes you relaxed, not intense, you shouldn’t meditate on muscles for example. Try some tee, without caffeine of course. If you are in bed and you are unable to sleep get up and stay up until you feel you could sleep again. Staying on the bed and turning around is not very useful, in fact it can only disturb more your sleep than help it.

Eating habits

What you eat and what you drink has also a great impact on your ability to sleep at night, now if you come and think of this you don’t realize it, but make sure to limit you alcohol and caffeine intake. They can easily interrupt your sleep, no matter the time you consume this. Smoking is also bad to sleep because it makes arterial hypertension and so it makes you active.

Insomnia can not be cured overnight, most likely is an exercise of endurance. But where there is will is a way, so just be patient, modify you sleeping pattern, and hopefully you will find relief and relaxation. If this does not work for you, you should try some advice from a medic.

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