Experts Discuss Necessity Of Dental X-Rays

Millions of people every year go to their local dentists and get routine x-rays that show their dental health. For the most part, it was a normal thing to do in the dental office, but on Friday, studies show that maybe the radiation levels might lessen the amount of x-rays needed.



The need for dentists to look at x-rays for their dental patients has never been disputed by experts, but the levels of radiation exposed in the mouth has been. The amount of x-rays requested, the types of x-rays requested, and the procedures that they are administered are under question.

Too Much Radiation In Today’s Dental X-Rays ?

For the longest period of time, dentists have used the traditional approach when it comes to dental x-rays, and that has been the standard at which they operate. But, the amount of radiation that you get in your mouth, is often dependent upon what type of x-ray your dentist orders, and that can vary according to the research released Friday.

With dentists using slow film and round collimation, patients receive double the dose of radiation via the x-rays. But, if dentists were to use digital imagery and rectangular collimation, then the levels of radiation would lessen for their patients. But, if a dentist is set in his/her ways, getting them to change can sometimes be troublesome according to the report.

Knowledgeable Technicians

One of the other factors that can lessen the radiation received is the technician. If they are well-trained and skilled, they can usually get it done on the first try, and lessen the need to try it over and increase the amount of radiation taken into the body. By opting into faster film, technicians can get dentists to lessen radiation levels as well.

Technicians who deter away from round collimation will have their patients get less exposure to their salivary glands, and then have them be safer. Quality technicians can also drape their patients in lead aprons, wear thyroid collars, and protect them against the radiation whenever possible. Since 2012, dental x-rays have been under attack, and dentists have been encouraged to take less of them, switch to better technology, upgrade to CT scanners, and lessen the levels of radiation exposed to their patients.

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