Flu Vaccine Move Effective In Women Study Finds

The flu and cold season is quickly upon a lot of people around the world, and the holiday season only makes the flu season get uglier. But, recent research has shown that woman who get the flu vaccine actually are able to fight the flu more than men, a shocking and odd piece of health news.

In the recent study, the study shows than women are able to fight the flu via vaccination more than men. For the longest period of time, women have traditionally been healthier and able to fight infections more than men, but without evidence. But now, this evidence is overwhelming.

Women Shown To Have Stronger Flu Fighting And Immune Systems Than Men

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Men With Lower Antibodies

In the study between of under 100 men and women, 34 men and 53 women, the studies shows that the testosterone hormone within men actually enables them to resist infection. The only times when the levels of testosterone were able to fight the flu more effectively, is when higher than normal amounts of testosterone were present in their bodies.

The study done at the French governmental research organization INSERM, men with lower levels of testosterone fought the flu via their immune systems at the same or less than women. This link between testosterone and the immune systems in men and women is a smaller study, but points to significant results that can be built upon in the future.

Lowered Immune Response and Testosterone?

What this study, published in the Proceedings of the American Academy of Sciences, shows is that it doesn’t provide a direct link to testosterone and lowered immune responses. A persons immune system is affected by a group of genes in the body, and those are somewhat linked to the higher levels of testosterone in the human body.

The studies also take a look at the man’s immune system over time, and figures that men were hunters in years past and thus caused them to acquire lower immune systems. Women on the other hand have been care providers and spent time indoors more, and thus were able to fight infection more than men. It isn’t a widely done study with thousands or tens of thousands of study participants, but still points to why women are healthier than men, especially in the flu season.

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