Get rid off kitchen bacteria!

Your kitchen is a sanctuary, a pace where cooking its made, than the happy family consumes the food enjoying every part of it. But they are not conscious about the bacterial hidden in places you don’t even think you may find before. In this article I will tell you what to be aware of, and how to avoid these small microscopic living creatures, which can make us so much harm.



First of all, you should be careful to your hardware pulls of your kitchen. The metal objects are often full of bacteria and germs. Noticed before? I don’t think so! There are many ways in which bacteria can land on your hardware pulls, for example your hands.

When you put your hand on a hardware pulls, or any object in your house, the bacteria which you hardly gathered on them may leave you and live on your objects, if you touch it. The bacteria from your hand immediately leaves you and installs himself on his new home, where he spreads on.

If you think you are safe only because you wash your hands before start cooking, you must take in consideration that before washing your hand the touches existed, and the bacteria is already spread, or possibly other hands owner may touched the surface, which again, left over the bacteria he owned till then.

If this happened, your washed hands are going to touch the bacterial surface, and pick up the them. The bad part comes only here, because you cook the food, and these will automatically be transferred in whatever you cook, after that you serve it and eat it.

One another not quite so obvious bacteria creator is the drip. You cut a meat, which suddenly, and without your permission, drips a little of its juice. The bacteria installs in where the drop falls, and you start to clean it.

Obviously, when you see that the spot is gone, you think it is clean, but here is the surprise, some little microscopic animals are still there, waiting to be picked up by another hand, any hand of your family. This may cause other illness or sickness to those living in the house.

Spills are also a bacteria causing effect. Spills happen many times you cook, cooks know it, no matter how professional you are you may slip or make a little mistake, and the problem is done.

You must face that no mater how hard you clean it, there is possible to still remain bacteria, in the hidden corners where you can’t reach. That’s why you must always clean after yourself, and its indicated to clean those areas too which you normally cant reach, from time to time.

Even Doctor Oz speaks us about the bacteria hidden in your kitchen and gives us a few tips about the places where they like to hide and spread. These would be: in the sponges, on anything with a handle, on the arms of chairs and furniture, on shoes and paws, on the spice rack, but there are other spots in the house which he considers a “home” for bacteria: on the computer and keyboard, on shoes and paws, on remotes and phones, in the make-up bag, and in the bottom of purses, briefcases and backpacks.

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