Get rid off Knee pain!

Many people older than age of 45 suffer of knee pain. The knee pain may have many causes. It may be caused by a ruptured ligament or a torn cartilage but also may be caused by arthritis, some infections or gout.



Mostly, when we have a minor knee pain, it will respond well if we will apply some self care measures. But if we have serious injures or the knee pain is strong or is persistent we must visit the doctor or the emergency room. Some of the injures that cause knee pains require surgical intervention.

When you are an active person who loves sports and hard works not any knee pains can be prevented but we can reduce many risks of injury if we make our job with care. Dr. Oz tells us some factors that increase the risk to have knee pain. Excess weight is the most important factor that causes knee pain.

When you are overweight that increases the push on your knee even you make usually activities: work in garden, walking, play whit children or going up stairs. Obesity increases the risk of osteoarthritis and accelerates the breakdown of cartilage.

Overuse activity such us cycling, climbing on mountains, swimming, can damage the muscles around joints and cause inflammation of your knee. In this case you must let your body to rest or not work every day with the same muscle group.

If you have not enough muscle strength or flexibility you not must make activities that require excessive effort. Sports like football, alpine skiing, basketball, put much stress on knees and they are a great risk of injury your knees. When you became older or if you had a previous knee injury, the risk to have a knee pain is more likely.

When we have an accident at the knee this can affect tendons, ligaments, bones or fluid filled sacs. Because the structure of the knee is very complex, any injure of the knee may cause a knee pain. Our knee has four ligaments. If one of these ligaments tears you will have a very strong pain. You will not be able to walk or to bend your foot painless.

Another problem at your knee may be tendonitis. That means that one or more from your tendons are irritated and inflamed. Many athletes, such as cyclist and runners, have tendon injures that produce tendonitis. Symptoms of tendonitis are pain, swelling of the knee and inability to extend or straighten the foot.

Dr. Oz teach us that prevent of a disease is better than his treatment. If you want to have healthy knees is very important to keep extra weight off. Extra pound increase the risk of injuring your ligaments and tendons. You will have great benefit if you will build up your quadriceps and hamstrings, muscles which support your knees.

If you have knee pain when you make sport that needs much effort, do not stop to make sport but change it with something easier. It is important for your knees to have shoes that fit well, especially when you make sport. Use kneepad when you make activity that requires effort for your knees.

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