Home Remedies For Common Childhood Ailments

When it comes to their children, parents (especially first-time moms and dads) can get a little flustered about how to care for them properly. It’s no wonder when mild ailments like the common cold, fever, rashes and sunburn could be potentially deadly for babies or young children.


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Here are a few basic pediatrician remedies that can help put your minds at ease and ensure that you are doing the right thing for your babies.

The Common Cold

As we all know, there is no cure for the common cold. However, you can make a few household remedies that will alleviate your children’s symptoms until the cold passes. Try any of these:

Make a cup of decaffeinated spice tea – Add lemon and honey, and wait until it cools slightly. The tea is soothing and hot, which will combat stuffiness and open up the nasal passages. The honey in the tea can help soothe a sore throat as well. The lemon soothes and coats the throat with vitamin C.

Make old-fashioned chicken soup – or use low-sodium canned soup. Not only will it make your child feel better, but making the soup keeps you too busy to worry.

Offer fun fluids – The more fluids a sick child can drink, the better it is. The fluids help clean out the child’s system. Make colorful Jell-O water by doubling the amount of water in the Jell-O recipe, offer enticing flavored ices or watered-down Gatorade.


Fever is not usually as scary as most parents believe it to be. It is a sign that the body is fighting infection. If you’re concerned, take your child’s temperature and make sure to tell the doctor how and when you obtained it. If a high fever is not responding to acetaminophen (Tylenol), try a warm bath, which will dissipate body heat. There is no reason for the water to be cold. Besides being unpleasant for the child, a cold bath can be dangerous; it can send a feverish child into shock. Alcohol rubs should also be avoided.


Make sure you can tell your doctor the following: 1) When the rash began, 2) Where on the body it began, 3) How long it took to spread, 4) whether or not it itches, 5) what color it is, and 6) whether the bumps are flat, raised or fluid-filled.

Do a little investigative work on your own, too. Did you just change laundry detergents? Often, it’s a simple case of a reaction to a new food, lotion or sunscreen with PABA.


For sunburn relief during winter vacations, try tea bags. Let the bags steep in boiled water for five minutes. Then, after they cool, remove the water and apply the wet bags to the skin.

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