Hypertension and High Blood Pressure Myths Debunked

Millions of people around the globe have high blood pressure and hypertension, and it is a cause of a number of deaths around the world. But, for those over 60, the need to maintain a lower stress level has always been needed, but new research shows more stress might not be a bad thing overall.

On Wednesday, new guidelines were released for those over 60, and point to those over 60 being able to handle hypertension and high blood pressure easier than thought. A committee on Wednesday released updated guidelines that might give those over 60 new ways to combat their hypertension and high blood pressure.

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New Guidelines Released

The committees guidelines have traditionally been based on the standard blood pressure of 140/90 with the systolic and diastolic numbers being the highest doctors wanted to keep patients over 60. But, after reviewing a series of data and test groups, doctors are now revising those blood pressure numbers to 150/90.

As a result of the new guidelines, those who are medications between these reading amounts might not need to be anymore. Millions of people are currently on blood pressure and hypertension medication, and these new guidelines might save these people from this medication need.

Older Guidelines Replaced With Modern Ones

The traditional guidelines have been in action for over 30 years by doctors and physicians. The newest findings were released on Wednesday in the latest edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association and should find their ways to patients as they are reviewed by doctors, panels, and more. The group of 17 experts in the field say no reason to change any other area of the guidelines.

The findings also show that those between 30 to 59 should have a diastolic goal of under 90. There wasn’t enough evidence in the findings found by the doctors and physicians on the committee that keeping the lower 140/80 numbers made patients any healthier, and raised those numbers accordingly.

The expert opinion granted by these physicians in the JAMA will certainly be discussed in the medical community, but for those taking medication for problems in this range should be a reason to contact their doctors. The newer guidelines should make medication companies angry, but please patients around the globe.

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