Joint Pain Treatment

In our body, a joint ore more of them can suffer by joint pain and contrary to what most people believe, joint pain affects persons of any age. Actually, the number of young people affected by joint pain is increasing every year.



According to Dr. Oz the causes of joint pain are multiple. They can be injuries, infections, arthritis, steroid withdrawal, , bone fracture, tearing of cartilage or allergic reactions to some medication. Also, the joint pain may be caused by wear, tear and injury. Injuries not only attack the ligament but also affect the bones and the cartilage of the joint.

Diagnosis is not all the time very simple because many symptoms and signs are the same in another disease. Although pain is the biggest symptom of joint infection and joint inflammation, pain can also tell you that a tumor is there within the joint. The medical term for joint pain is Arthralgia.

A good diagnosis involves physical exams and interviewing the patient. The patient must tell to the doctor all the potential causes. X-ray scans or CT scans may help the doctor to put a correct diagnosis. After that, the doctor will decide which exam and lab test are necessary. The list of causes that may cause joint pain is long and the well known may include: rheumatoid arthritis, bone metastasis, rheumatic fever, stills disease and more another.

First the doctor must find the cause of the joint pain. Then he will apply the treatment. The treatments of joint pain may include besides medications rest, starching exercises warm bath massage. They will help to obtain joint mobility and a good muscle tone.

If the joints are severe damaged, the treatments may be replacement surgery of the joint. Nutritional supplements help relieving joint pane and maintain in good health of our joints.

Swelling or injury of the joints is the principal cause of body joint pain. There are two types of joint pain; acute joint pain and chronic joint pain. Acute joint pain is only temporary.
It usually lasts for only a few seconds and after that the heali9ng takes place. Chronic joint pain alternates from moderate to severe and it last longer. If we feel pain and warmth in our joints and our joints are swelling and stiffness these suggest that we have the inflammation or infection of our joints.

Dr. Oz says the best doctors for ourselves are we. When we have joint pain, we can help us very much. If we have a joint with problems it needs rest. You can apply heat on the joint if it is a chronic pain or ice if it is an acute pain. Many times a massage will relive the pain of the joint.When the pain persists take medication which relives the pains. If the pains worsens or doesn’t stop in 3 days seek the doctor.

Joint pain is definitely not something that puts your life in danger, but it certainly causes you much discomfort and sufferance, as it is one of the worst conditions encountered by humans.

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  1. daniel lee rowe

    My name is Daniel Lee Rowe and would like to know about a show or the posibility of having one. To discuss the use and reactions of prescription narcotics.The use of these drugs has increased over the past 15 years,(of and or about 600% to my knowledge). Of some of the most severe to take and or if there are any of them at all, are good to take at all on a regular basis.I have read some simular information, but nothing totally pertaining to the subject. Most related to chronic to severely chronic pain. Prescription Drugs and or high dosages that are given today , that years ago were practically only given to people who were either dying and or having the possibility of no relief at all without them. Some of the types ( oxycotin,oxycodone,roxycodone and or all the way to a simple vicodine or hydrocodone) How regular it should be taken, and or at all, and for what pains.I have a story of my own in refernce to this and how it changed my life, and what I’m in the process of doing on my own. It seems to me your concerns and knowledge are great and or explained very well and thorough.I have chronic pain from 25 years of construction and sports.Delt with my pain for years till it seemed I couln’t anymore. Have had 7 knee surgeries, severe shoulder and back problems for at least 10 years. Went from as simple as a BC or a Goodys powder to a box a day. Got my mouth and teeth to hurting, so moved on to low tolerance pill, such as lortab,hydrocodone,and even alcohol combined. Helped for a few years, then seemed to do nothing at all. Then switched to low tolerance opiates such sa percocet, then oxycodone and oxycotin low milagrams to highwer and higher. Everything just seemed to get worse and worse. It has been controling my life. People frown apon a drug addict. But what is the differeance when a doctor turns you into a legal one. I tried to get off slowly but did not seem to help at all. Withdrawals were unreal, and all i’ve been doing is prolonging them by taking smaller and smaller dosges. My back was in unreal pain, then back shoulders neck like i slepted in an okward position. I’ve always been strong hearted and healthy, had know idea i’d ever be here, feeling like i was a 100 years old. Even went to hospital three times was diagnosed with three different things, try to tell them what it was, but did not seem to listen. Finally the third time, doctor told me what it was, and said nothing i can do for you. I cried and begged for help, and begged to not discharge me. Gave me nothing at all, nothing to make it easier at all on me. I yelled “you have to help me “, he said we dont offer anything for that here at this hospital. I said, well put somwhere they do. Made me feel like i was the problem, and that i did it to myself and like i was a street drugy. They turned me away. I CRied for days. Couldn’t do a thing. Don’t know what I would have done if it wasn’t for my wife and family and friends. Told my wife no more nomatter the pain. I’m done, no more pain medication……. So iv’e done it cold turkey, hardest thing I’ve done in my entire life. First three days were like dying. 20 or more hot showers a day, hot and cold sweats, would lay in shower and let hot water beam on me over and over.Couldn’t sleep at all. I’m not there toatally yet ,but very close. Got my first night sleep after none at all for 145 hrs, I thought I’d never sleep again. I’m getting stronger and stronger every day. Do not ever,want to ever go through this again.Would like to know how , for what a phsycian helped me get on, why I was ever treated the way I was, as if I did it to myself. I believe you could help Thousands with a show about this subject to help other people like me. Believe me it would have been easier to stay on them, but now I feel like a new person my body pain has actually decreased, as if the pain killers were killing me. I’m 41 sunday, and actually feel my age and not 20 years older…. Please think about a show, if not for my story and the many others that have been in the same situation, But for everyone doctors who do this and the ones that don’t but have knowledge of one that do. Something has to be done, to many people suffer when it is not needed. It does not always have to be the individuals fault for the distrutiont of life and reputation, the system can do it to. Not everyone is strong enough to endower the pain it takes to stop. Laws should be made for the educated and liscened phycians who do this to people.There should be set limits to whom gets prescribed what types of medications and for how long. These doctors know the outcome and results, how can they do this leagally. It seems no different drugs are drugs legal or not. Limits should be set, and or either close these places down..

    Thank you for your time,

    Daniel Lee Rowe

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