Male Impotence Solutions

Statistics show that the average American male over the age of 40 has experienced impotence or erectile dysfunction in some capacity. The embarrassment and assumption that they are alone has kept many such men from seeking treatment. Nevertheless, there are natural ways a man can achieve better erections outside a doctor’s care.



A doctor can inform you of a wider variety of options and treatments, especially if the problem you’re having with erection is the result of an underlying medical condition. So you should seek medical care if your erection problems persist. Read on to learn how you can have a more satisfying sexual experience with stronger erections.

An Ounce of Prevention

You should first consider that you may be causing your own problem. You can prevent impotence problems by quitting smoking, improving your diet and doing more aerobic exercise which stimulates blood flow and oxygen throughout the body. Cigarette smoke and fatty foods contribute to clogged arteries and poor blood circulation. Poor blood circulation is usually to blame when erections are weak or don’t last.

Wouldn’t you be happy to find out that your problem is totally fitness-related and not a sign that you are sterile? If you have got health and fitness covered and are still having issues, your doctor can help you pinpoint the real problem.

You should also consider that your mind and emotions are getting the best of you. If you are anxious in the bedroom or feel a pressure to please your mate, your worries may backfire on you and render you incapable of doing the very thing you seek to do by making your penis go limp instead. Find ways to relax prior to a sexual encounter and clear your head of any worries. This should be a fun time to enjoy one another, and that should be your primary focus.

Natural Treatments

In addition to getting healthy, you can also try one of these treatments to help with your impotence problem:

Ginkgo extract – This herbal tincture has proven to be a great stimulant for male erection. In a 6-month German study involving men with blood circulation problems, over half of those who went on a regimen of between 60 and 240 mg of ginkgo extract daily restored their libidos and erection capabilities to normal (prior to circulation and erection problems). Of course, this remedy may not work for everyone – even this study proves that – but it’s worth a try if your doctor okays it.

Fish oil – You can get fish oil directly by eating oily fish or via fish oil supplements. It works by improving blood circulation and making blood less sticky, particularly when combined with vitamins C and E and beta-carotene.

Fava Beans – Fava beans contain lots of L-dopa, a substance used to treat Parkinson’s disease. Though toxic in large amounts, the L-dopa in a large serving of fava beans is harmless – yet it will likely stimulate blood circulation so your erections are stronger. Naturopaths recommend this bean to their clients for erection problems.

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