Nail Fungus Treatment

Nail fungus is an infection which appears in your toe nails, because of the bacteria you pick up wile you are walking without shoes, or with shoes. The moisture especially is dangerous when you are walking, because in this type of environment the fungus lives. The fungus installs himself between your toe and nail, and there feeds on your leg, by the end you will have an infected leg, in worse case it will start to rot.




It is not a peasant view, and the feeling it is not quite pleasant too. Dr. Oz, specialized in finding solutions in avoiding and cure diseases of the whole planet, gives us some advices about how we should prevent nail fungus and, if it is too late, how we can cure the problem efficiently.

15 Million Suffer From Nail Fungus

Sadly, after recent investigations, specialists found out that these days 15 million Americans suffer from this terrible problem, and who knows how many worldwide. If you want to avoid the problem, you should avoid high heels, because the nails are in the lower part of the shoe, so the bacteria can come up easily, and install in your leg.

Instead, you should use flat shoes without heels, which cover the nails, without a hoe where your nails are. In this case, the angle of your shoe causes the toes to crush up against the front of your shoe, so there is no place for the bacteria to enter.

Your nails should be kept short and straight, if you have longer nails which automatically will generate curbs, the bacteria can come up on your finger much easily, than having short and straight nails.

The socks are very important too, the synthetic socks wick water away from your toes, keeping the toe dry, with less moisture, so the chances of being infected by nail fungus are lowering considerably. The cotton socks are not indicated, because absorbs water, and we already know that from moisture these little bacteria can come up very easily.

Oral Anti-fungal

And of course, if you have already the problem, or the methods of avoiding it were not very efficient, which I doubt, but let’s suppose, Dr. Oz is also offering solutions to cure the problem. The oral antifungal is a good treatment, which is used for ringworm too, and many other infections, but if you use it, the infection may come back or doesn’t disappear at all. You must ask your doctor about the proper use of it, and if you have doubts about any oral anti fungus drug, the doctor can help you, by knowing your medical history and the severity of the condition you have actually. So he can offer you the best solution to treat your condition.

Vinegar Bath

Other treatment recommended by Dr. Oz is vinegar bath, with specific dozes, of 2 parts of water and 4 parts of water. Also thyme oil, used properly can help you cure the nail fungus, the use of it is simple, you put a few drops into a basin of water warmed up, and you soak your feet in it.
What I think, is better to avoid this problem, so try to do everything in order to never ever in your life have problems with nail fungus, because you have surely others to solve and its unpleasant.


  1. Kimia

    Hi ,
    I’m suffering of Nail fungus around 7 years . I took Lamisal for six month but it came back . For the second try , i did have very bad skin rash and stop using .
    Now , I ‘m using water & vinegar around 1 months , but my nail is not growing and seems to be worse , any other treatment ?

    Thanks ,

  2. Traci Pollard

    I’ve had it for twenty years, although I’d hardly call it “suffering”. Yes, it is ugly and embarassing, but compared to other medical issues, it is nothing. Not worth risking liver function for pretty tonails, although there is a new laser treatment that sounds promising. It’s probably expensive, and I don’t know why insurance would cover it, but it’s worth looking into if it bothers you. If nail fungus is your biggest health problem, then you are truely blessed… kick your shoes off and be thankful.

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