Natural Remedies for Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is one of the hardest addictions to break; and the harder the drug, the more intense the addiction. Quitting “cold turkey” can be an excruciating ordeal, so how does a person kick the habit?



Addiction to prescription drugs and illegal drugs are a real challenge, and their damaging effects are often permanent. So special care should be taken when attempting to quit, as sudden, major changes to what an addict’s body has grown used to could harm them even more. This is where natural remedies come in as a welcome relief.

Prescription Drug Addiction

Addiction to prescription drugs may occur by accident. Patients, seeking to stop their pain, begin to take more and more pain pills. As their tolerance builds at one dosage, more pills are required to get the same level of pain relief; and before they know it, an addiction forms. Prescription drugs like Percocet and Oxycontin are powerful narcotic drugs and some of the most addictive.

Illegal Drug Addiction

Addiction to illegal drugs – especially “heavier” drugs like heroin and cocaine – can occur after the very first use, so they are nothing to tamper with out of curiosity. Other times it takes repeated use to develop a tolerance and craving for one of these drugs.

Marijuana is often the drug people begin with, since it’s milder, cheaper, less addictive and more widely used. These drugs are illegal because of the harmful effects they have on the body and the mind. They can alter the mind and body in ways that may not be reversible. Quitting these drugs requires a strong effort and rehabilitation that will let addicts down the easiest.

Common Ways to Kick the Habit

If an addict wants to come off drugs, the first stop is usually a hospital or other organization’s rehabilitation program. Addiction programs commonly allow space for drug detoxification while administering other drugs to combat the effects of withdrawal. They may also include hypnosis, support group interaction, motivational therapy, spiritual counseling, and/or cognitive behavioral therapy. Combining several of these techniques is quite effective, but natural methods are always safer.

Natural Methods to Quit

Common solutions aren’t always the best solution. There are natural methods available to help an addict recover from a drug addiction. At natural rehabilitation centers, the initial detoxification process may be grueling, but reintroducing more drugs in order to kick a drug addiction seems contradictory.

The idea here is to get them drug free, not dependent on a fresh set of drugs no matter the purpose. To counter the effects of withdrawal, acupuncture and herbs are used in place of synthetic medicines. Herbs like milk thistle, Echinacea and St. John’s wort have a calming effect while cleansing the body of toxins.

In addition to detoxification, addicts receive proper nutrition in an effort to restore them back to health. Their bodies are reintroduced to healthy foods that further detoxify the body and supply the nutrients their bodies have been depleted of through drug abuse.

Natural rehabilitation may also include meditation and prayer to calm the senses and ease withdrawal, hypnotherapy to silence cravings and garner strength to remain drug free, exercise to strengthen the body, and chiropractic and physical therapy to fix body structure problems as a result of drug abuse.

There is more of an ease into the transition from addiction to abstinence when using natural methods like these and they promote long-term changes that will remain after treatment.

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