Performance Anxiety Cured By Getting Excited

As humans, we all get anxious and get performance anxieties at various times of our lives. From personal to business, it happens, but studies released on Tuesday show that the tips to avoiding performance anxiety might lay in the need to get excited.

The study released by the Harvard Psychologist Alison Wood Brooks, shows that people who feel anxious and excited about tasks ahead often times by getting more excited can calm their nerves. This surprising news comes as good news who fear public speaking or other nerve wracking health causing problems.

Get Excited Versus Calm Helps With Performance Anxiety Studies Show

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Study On Nerves

The study, done by the Harvard Business School, shows that people who actually got excited, verus getting relaxed about a task that might get them frantic, actually reduced their performance anxiety. Just by repeating something in their heads about feeling excited calmed their performance anxieties down, and got them through their tasks.

This type of news will come as a surprise to those who give public speeches, take tests, have stressful jobs, or come into things that cause them performance anxiety problems. But, up to 90% in the study thought by calming themselves down it would help, but found that by switching it to excitement, it helped much more.

Harder To Do Than Believe

The study took a look at 140 volunteers, and had them mutter a excited or calm statement ot themselves and took the results from their tasks. The ones who told themselves that they are excited performed better and did more, and were more pursuasive than the others. But, this outside of a control group might be somewhat harder to acheive.

It’s not as simple as to say, “I am excited”, and then it goes away, researchers found in the study. Researchers found that the mind’s focus slowly changed with the volunteers who told themselves to get excited and it slowly adjusted their minds.

It wasn’t an overnight cure, but helped them train their minds to not get anxious or have performance anxieties, that they would normally have. By getting jazzed up about a meeting or get excited for a test versus shuttering away from it, it could help business professionals or students according to the news. It will take a while to go through the data, but gives hope to those with nerves.

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