Say Goodbye to Allergy Eyes

People who suffer with seasonal allergies know firsthand how miserable irritants like pollen and grass can make them. In addition to sinus pain and congestion, the eyes often become inflamed and irritated. Rather than spending the change in seasons uncontrollably and literally tearing up, why not try some of these natural remedies without the side effects caused by traditional treatments.



Though herbal medicines are the stuff of nature – the source of all your allergy woes – this time you can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that they’re going to help and not hurt your allergies.

Unlikely Cures

Sometimes the cure you need seems so unlikely, since it goes against logic. Allium cepa tablets are a perfect example. These pills are derived from onions, which are known to make even the strongest man tear up if onion slicing is going on nearby. Still, if you want to get rid of itchy, watery eyes that are so common with seasonal allergies, allium cepa pills are a great option. You can get them from a health food store. A 30C potency twice daily should be all that’s required.

The herb stinging nettle is also very effective at clearing up eye irritation from allergies – despite its name, which seems to imply that it will irritate rather than soothe the eyes. In addition, it relieves throat irritation and provides other nutrients the body needs – iron, especially. You can purchase this herb from the health food store in tablet form (400 mg or greater) or as a tea. You may drink the tea a few times throughout the day or opt to take a single pill every couple of hours.

Because of its antiviral and antihistamine effects, eyebright, or euphrasia, is another herb that works well as a treatment for allergy eyes. Find it in tablet form (30C) or liquid form (to be administered via a dropper), again, at a health food or herbal store. One tablet twice daily or 35 oral drops three times daily should be sufficient. Eyebright also contains other helpful vitamins and minerals like niacin and potassium.

The herb wyethia has been used to treat itchy, watery eyes – as well as a scratchy throat and itchy nasal passages.

Why Use Natural Treatments?

The great thing about herbal remedies is that you will experience little or no side effects, you won’t get addicted and they are often as powerful as prescription meds without the need for a doctor’s written prescription. On the down side, herbal remedies often take longer to take effect and may not be covered by your insurance. The primary goal here is to improve your health, without putting it at risk anymore than is necessary.

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