Southeastern United States Leads Blood Pressure Hotzone

High blood pressure is something that all people around the globe, especially in the United States need to be highly concerned with in their lives. But, a study released on Friday highlights the Southeastern United States as the hotbelt for high blood pressure concerns.

Throughout the history of modern medicine, the Southeastern United States has been called the “Stroke Belt” by many, due to the eating and health habits in the region, but recent research shows that these myths are becoming hard reality more and more nowadays.

High Blood Pressure A Main Concern In Southeastern United States

Trend Of Bad Health Continues

Since the most recent tracking of health taken in 1977, the rates of people in the Southeastern United States who have high blood pressure has maintained and actually increased in some studies. The study of 69,000 white and black adults in the region with low incomes shows that people either don’t know they have high blood pressure or don’t care.

The study shows a racial divide as well with 57 percent of black adults having high blood pressure over others in the area. But, women in a shocker actually, where 64 percent of black women having high blood pressure over only 52 percent of white women. The trending factor is obesity, high cholesterol, depression, and other life factors.

High Blood Pressure A Killer

Unfortunately, high blood pressure continues to be a killer for many in this Southeastern region of the United States. It leads to strokes, kidney damage, and other severe health conditions that can cause death and/or paralysis in people. The factors that cause high blood pressure have continued to be the same, but more needs to be done according to the study.

The study shows that doctors, physicians, and health professionals should and need to be doing more to treat high blood pressure in this hotbed of the problem. From blood pressure medications to diuretic medications that promote water loss, to physical counseling, it can all be done to help people get healthier. Income doesn’t seem to be a huge dividing factor as they thought it might, as this region is somewhat economically challenged verus other regions. Women, men, black, and white populations need to control their high blood pressure, and do it sooner later than later. Getting more people healthy is never a bad thing, especially with high blood pressure.

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