Stopping Smoking Cured By Counseling Vs Other Treatments

Smoking is a health concern that haunts many people around the world, but quitting smoking is almost tougher than anything else done in a smokers life. But, on Friday, research was presented that shows that working with a smoking counselor might aid to those looking to quit in the new year.

The study as noted in the U.K. National Health Services study took a look at 10,000 different people in the region who quit smoking in the past year. The study released in the December 20th edition of Addiction, shows that working with a professional might be the best way to stop smoking.

Quitting Smoking Requires Some Professional Health UK Study Shows


Smokers Need Help Study Shows

The study in the U.K. shows that smokers who use nicotine-replacement products stand a reasonable chance to quit smoking, but when they use nicotine-replacement products with the help of a trained professional, their chances of quitting increases. By offering cheaper medication and ways to use it right, smokers find it easier to quit.

The rise of over the counter and supermarket nicotine patches has led to the study to be done in the U.K. according to the report. Trained medical professionals have the reasearch and expertise to help those looking to stop smoking, and can use that to help people. Stopping smoking isn’t just as simple as putting on a patch, and can be more psychological than expected.

Trained Help Assists Smoking Cessation

The report shows that spending an hour or two per week with a professional who showed smokers ways to use the medication and devices effectively, actually worked better. Whether it was because the smoker was dedicating time out of their schedule to stop smoking, whether it was psychological of having someone guide them, or anything else is under advisement.

What the study in the U.K. does show is that quitting smoking is tough. Millions of people attempt to quit and throw on a nicotine patch in hopes of quitting. But, by reaching out to a stop-smoking professional or advisor, they can be guided to the best way to stop smoking. Stopping smoking requires a personal touch, a desire, and a physical withdrawl from Nicotine, and these professionals can definitely help. As most of these services are covered by health insurance, starting with these professionals might be the best advice for 2014.

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