Terrible Night Sweats? Possible Treatments

Sweat is important normally because eliminates the toxins from your body. When you sweat a huge amount of water releases from your body, when you exercise you may sweat even two liters of water. So you generally have to replace the amount of water loosed, it is quite very important to replace it, so you must drink a lot of water, actually the quantity loosed should be replaced. If you don’t drink water the body may use the reserves, and this case it is not indicated.



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When you sleep its especially dangerous, because can cause many diseases which you never expected to have. Dr. Oz, famous from the Oprah tv show, in one episode showed us what are the dangers of night sweats and how should we act to get rid of them.

He says that night sweats are at one point normal, but after that normal limit, serious problems can appear. When we sleep, the brain causes sometimes the enlargement of our blood vessels. This enlargement causes the sweat, by pushing the water underneath our skins out. If the blood vessels seriously enlarge, the sweats quantity can be lethal. And of course, you won’t like to wake up in a puddle, it is not even pleasant.

Chillow Pillow

Dr. Oz offered some advices in what to use to avoid huge night sweats. One item he mentioned was the chillow pillow, some people like to call this pillow Cool Down Pillow or hot flash cooling pillow. Other product he talked about was Wicking Sleepwear. Both pillows are good against night sweats and you can buy them online from the net, only you have to search for them.

Schizandra Berry

He also talked about Schizandra berry, a plant used by Chinese herbalists for several health applications the using of it offers. It is also used to fight fatigue, its very good for the liver, and helps us reduce our stress level.

The general causes for the night sweat are obesity and hot flashes. So start loosing weight as soon as you can, because it make you more fitter, your body will look much better, you will feel much better, and you will be able also to avoid huge night sweats. One other reason you should start loosing weight.
Other night sweat causers can be the caffeine, spicy foods and alcohol. If you are a high consumer of these, you should reduce at least the quantity you consume, in order to stabilize your night sweat.

There are periods and situations when night sweats can be deadly, specified by Dr. Oz, for example when you have cancer, unidentified diabetes or other infections. But there are also other special treatments you can make, but I will tell you one simple, take a shower before you go to bed, you see, its not complicated and probably everybody does it without me telling them, and cover yourself lightly.
There is a problem with that because winter time this can make you sick, but you have to maintain the temperature of your house at a stable level, so you won’t either sweat, nor you get a cold.

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