Treating Candida Albicans Naturally: My Personal Story

Many people suffer from a disease known as Candida Albicans. Many doctors are only treating the symptoms but fail to make the correct diagnosis, that’s why people have to know how they can treat it themselves – naturally.


The following is a rather personal story and I hope that it will help some people to treat Candida naturally. However, I suggest that you consult a doctor if you believe you are suffering from Candida, because we do not give any medical advice here. Well, in my case the doctor didn’t know much about it and I firmly believe that natural products, vitamins, healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle can cure any disease better than medicine can.

Realizing There Is Something Wrong

First let me introduce myself, I am the webmaster of this website. I am not frequently writing on this site myself, but I am still interested in being a healthy human being. One of the diseases that affects me personally is known as Candida Albicans. I am also suffering from spherocytosis, so I don’t know how much I was actually responsible for developing systemic Candida, but I believe my lifestyle contributed a whole lot to the disease.

My lifestyle was like this: Virtually no veggies, sitting in front of the PC a lot, not so much sports, sugar cravings. Yep, I certainly contributed to it and realizing that is pretty important so you can make some healthy lifestyle choices that will help you to get in shape again and get rid off of Candida.

Candida Symptoms

You will find many long lists with Candida symptoms, so I won’t write much about it. The symptoms I experienced were, brain fog, totally full-blown headaches, unable to focus for weeks down the road, chest pain left and right, nausea, white areas (elbow, between fingers, toes, completely white tongue, itchy.

I didn’t realize how bad it was or what was really going on until it was too late. The doctors only treated the symptoms and removed my gallbladder because they believed I had gallstones due to my spherocytosis. Only later, after doing a lot of research, I realized that I probably lost my gallbladder because of systemic Candida. Since then I have lost any trust to doctors and hospitals. I have become VERY skeptical of everything the doctors say, because I believe the entire medical system in the EU/US is messed up.

Doctors are treating symptoms and don’t have the time to treat the actual causes. I don’t want to believe that doctors keep people sick to make money, but there is probably some truth to it. That and the fact that they have too many patients and are completely overwhelmed with their jobs treating hundreds of people per day. Who wouldn’t?

But you know what. I don’t blame them. In fact, I blame myself for my bad lifestyle choices. It’s hard to accept that YOU messed things up, but I don’t want to blame others for it.

Treating Candida Naturally

There are various natural treatments that helped me to cope with it. Yes, the die-off symptoms are bad. I mean really bad, but hang in there.

Here are some natural ways to treat Candida. See links below for various supplements that you can order on Amazon that can help to get rid off Candida.

  • Caprylic acid
  • Grapefruit-seed-extract
  • Olive oil extract
  • Coconut Milk and Coconut Oil
  • Multidophilus/Acidophilus
  • Eating garlic and onions
  • Eating cheese and drinking Kefir

Caprylic acid

Caprylic Acid

LINK: Solaray – Capryl, 100 capsules

Grapefruit-seed extract

I stopped taking it, because it is not as natural as many claim. Instead I would take Olive oil extract, because that is 100% natural

Grapefruit seed extract

LINK: Grapefruit Seed Extract 250mg – 60 – Capsule


LINK: Solaray – Multidophilus, 100 capsules

Coconut Milk and Coconut Oil

Coconut Milk
LINK: Nature’s Way Organic Coconut Oil, 16 Ounce

I have a feeling that the caprylic acid and multidophilus are really helping me. In fact, by now my head is so much clearer and most symptoms disappeared (no more white areas, no more nausea, no more headaches). I am really feeling so much better and I will continue taking caprylic acid and multidophilus until some time. Your body produces caprylic acid, so it’s perfectly natural and the Candida spores can’t create a resistance.

Common Misunderstanding: Cheese Is Good For You!

I also eat a lot of cheese. One of the common misunderstandings is that cheese or fungi is bad when you have Candida, but that’s not true.

In fact, cheese has a lot of healthy bacteria much like multidophilus and is actually helping your immune system.

Candida Studies

There are no really helpful studies out there and I think this issue deserves a whole more attention.

This is a study from 1991 (Japan) that I find very useful

What Are Your Problems?

As a webmaster, I have the power to connect people and I believe that Candida is an issue that is grossly overlooked. If there is any interest, I can start a discussion forum where you can easily discuss your problems.

For now, please use the comment form below if you have anything to say or contribute.

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