Weight Loss and Ice Therapy (Benefits and Disadvantages)

Have you heard about the so called ice therapy to lose weight? If not, read more after the break.



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With a myriad of weight loss remedies on the market today creating millions of dollars in business income, you can rest assure the weight loss programs as well as weight loss clinics are here to stay. From utilizing the Weight Watchers points system, to the purchase of Jenny Craig’s pre-measured food options, the choices are abundant.

To add fuel to the mixture, many homeopathic and natural alternatives are also available. These options can include exercise, support groups, nutritional supplements, herbal remedies and now ice therapy. Ice is not just for cold drinks or to reduce inflammation any longer. Over the course of the last eight to ten years, studies of ice therapy have shown to be effective in the weight loss arena.

Ice Therapy and the Body

As we already know, ice is one of the easiest, simplest and most cost effective ways in reducing inflammation to bones, joints and muscles, as well as muscle spasms. Over the last several years, this basic home staple has been proven to aid in the process of weight reduction too. Ice therapy triggers hormones helpful to weight loss.

Something as simple as resting an ice pack on the upper back and upper chest during a thirty minute television show can start the body into getting accustomed to the coldness of the ice.

The next step is to build up to a cold morning shower, and eventually move up to a ten minute ice bath three times per week. You need to strengthen the body’s ability to tolerate the temperature reductions when practicing ice therapy. Taking small steps eventually adds up to producing rapid acceleration of fat loss.

Ice Therapy Benefits

When you are cold, your body has to work harder than when you are hot; therefore, this allows the body the ability to burn more calories and fat. Benefits of ice therapy can be made with virtually no cost to the weight conscious dieter. It is not very expensive to purchase the ice cubes in bulk to begin ice therapy. You can also get ice makers with a new refrigerator and freezer. There are also ice therapy benefits through munching on ice chips throughout the day.

Ice Therapy Disadvantages

One of the main disadvantages of ice therapy is that the body can quickly build up a tolerance to ice baths. In order to get the most positive effects of an ice bath, the body must be submersed to the waist in ice at least three times per week. The home has to be equipped with a bathtub. The first ice bath will be the worst and most unbearable. Folks with cardiovascular problems should not try ice therapy as it can affect blood flow, blood pressure and induce cardiac arrhythmias.

The Body’s Thermostat

Adjusting your body’s thermostat can help in regulating weight loss. Exposing the body to the thermodynamics of lowering the temperature creates the body’s ability to burn more calories, by forcing the body to constantly fight to maintain a normal temperature. Most people do not realize that the cold temperature outside during the winter months can manipulate the body’s thermostat and assist in shedding those unwanted extra pounds.

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