What is Considered a Healthy Waist Size?

There is an ideal waist size that health and fitness experts recommend, but for the average person those numbers may seem a little hard to attain. So then there’s the healthy waist size that is probably more realistic and still something everyone can work toward.



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The bottom line is that waist size is important and any considerable effort you put toward shrinking that midsection is going to improve your overall health. So getting it exactly right isn’t as important as continually working at losing inches around your waist.

What Waist Size is Best?

If at all possible, women and men should strive for their fitness expert-recommended ideal waist sizes. Ideal waist size for women is 30 inches or less, while for men it’s 35 inches or less. For those who find those numbers extreme or haven’t quite reached that zone just yet, having a waist size that is 5 inches more than the ideal is sufficient.

Maintaining a waist size of about 35 inches for women and 40 inches for men is normal, and staying in this zone will cut your risk for many diseases and extend your life. If you are struggling with your weight, the important thing is to keep pushing toward your goal weight and doing all you can to trim your waistline in the process. Start by using a tape measure and finding out what your current waist size is and then following a regimen like the one below to get your weight and waist size under control.

How Can You Trim Your Waistline Quickly?

Trimming your waistline takes a strong and thorough effort that will include changing your mindset and diet and being strategic with your exercise routine.

It’s obvious that you should avoid salty, sugary and fatty foods as much as possible, because these foods make it harder for your body to get rid of fat and slows down your metabolism. You should increase your intake of fruits, vegetables, fiber, lean meats and water to accelerate your body’s fat burning ability and eliminate waste faster.

Attitude is also very important. Unbeknownst to many, allowing yourself to succumb to daily life stressors will cause your body to hold onto fat. You’ve got to find ways to reduce or eliminate stress in your life using whatever means are available to you, including things like meditation, prayer, massages, music, journaling and exercise.

You’re going to want to aim for exercises that really work your core muscles – that entire area that wraps around your mid-torso. Aerobic activity is good to get your body heated up and your metabolism working overtime, followed by strength training and calisthenics that use all of your ab muscles. Try exercises like the bicycle, plank, crunches and sit-ups to really make those abs burn.

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