Vitamin E Helping Earlier Alzheimer’s

For those who suffer from Alzheimer’s, the long progression of the disease is one that takes a horrible toll on the patient and on the loved ones of the patient. But, news on Tuesday points to the possibility of taking Vitamin E to slow down late-stage Alzheimer’s in participants.

The news surrounding the usage of Vitamin E for late-stage Alzheimer’s patients is great for the patients and the families. While it is early news, and necessarily not a cure, but adds to improved functional abilities and helps those suffering with planning and organizing improvements.

Research Shows Vitamin E Helps With Alzheimer's Patients In Latest Study

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The Vitamin E Link

The study as released on Tuesday by the Journal of American Medical Association found that the benefits extended to those people who suffer from mild to moderate forms of Alzheimers. The promising news allowed for trial participants to less depend on their family and caretakers and take a more positive approach towards their lives.

The dosage of Vitamin E in the study, at 2000 IU per day exceeds the daily recommended dosage for normal adults according to the FDA, but for Alzheimer’s patients has shown a great deal of positive results. High doses of Vitamin E like this can affect those who have congestive heart failure, but has shown positive trends towards Alzheimer’s patients.

Why Vitamin E?

According to the study, Vitamin E battles the damage that oxygen does to the cells and it stabilizes the cells in the body. Since it does this, the Vitamin E reaches the brain and protects the brain against any damage that the Alzheimer’s may do to it. Since Alzheimer’s is a memory damaging disease, the Vitamin E protecting it may be very beneficial.

Another drug in the study, memantine, had no direct affects to the body in connection with Vitamin E though. Some of those who have severe cases of Alzheimer’s currently take this medication, and Vitamin E won’t help those who are already taking it. The 600 or so patients in the trial were given a variety of different medications and prescriptions as well, and Vitamin E mixed with the standard-of-care drugs will see the greatest benefits when mixing it with Vitamin E. Either way, this news is great for Alzheimer’s patients.

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